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Gibraltar, United Kingdom, Europe

latitude: 36.1347, longitude: -5.356
Browse map of Gibraltar 36°08′04.92″ N, 5°21′21.60″ W
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Gibraltar is an overseas territory in United Kingdom, Europe at latitude 36°08′04.92″ North, longitude 5°21′21.60″ West.

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean.

This page contains information relating to mapping activity on Gibraltar, and the free map (and map data) of Gibratar being built up by the contributors.

Territorial waters

Gibraltar in the past has not been mapped with any territorial waters, but with Spanish territorial water surrounding her and abutting the coast.

Error #34229 suggests that the strait of Gibraltar are international waters, just because ships have transit passage doesn't mean that those are international waters. need a lot of help and sources to clarifying this matters.

Gibraltar has 3m of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters under UNCLOS(82) and the map should show that.

Flowing this conversation, I agree that the ground principle should be followed, and the 3 nautical miles should be indicated and maintained as read only by OSM. I don't know how to do this but with some help from Gibraltar Government GIS project someone should be able to help me.

Also if someone has a premium account on should be able to prove the ground principle by checking this vessels routes:



they are GIB and UK boats and I'm sure they will not mess around in Spanish waters

Ocean village

Ocean village area seems to be outdated.

Mediterranean steps

Mediterranean steps are well tagged and included in a walking relation, however it need more details

  • Correct trail trace, if possible use a precise GPX file
  • Identify actual steps
  • correct incline=* tag.

King’s Bastion Leisure Centre

  • Correct tag, in a way that indicate all the activities there (Gym, cinema, ice skating, 10pin, restaurants)


  • Map Gibraltar Synagogue