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The logo was decided by means of a logo design competition which took place in December 2010. It was organised by Harry Wood and judged by Mikel Maron, Kate Chapman, Robert Soden, Nicolas Chavent, and Schuyler Erle.

The original Humanitarian OSM Team Logo, designed by Saman Bemel Benrud:

Hot logo with text.svg

Version without text:
Hot logo.svg

Other competition entries

We'd like to thank all the competition entrants for taking the time and applying their talents to come up with logo designs. The entries were as follows (in the order submitted)

1 (red cross) malenki
2 (torch) David Ellams
3 (osm coloured) User:Hind
4 (various) (including the winning design) Saman Bemel Benrud
5 (various) User:Matt
6 (blue + triangle)
7 (orange fire) Mike Dupont
8 (hands) Oliver Crippin
9 (footprint)

The artists were willing to sign over rights to the images to HOT in accordance with the rules of the competition, and they most likely willing to permit use and re-use elsewhere, however these logos should be considered copyrighted unless and until they state otherwise (Contact them to ask) Currently logo designs are available presented as two pages, numbered by artist, but these links are temporary. We'll upload them properly as separate files to the wiki.

Competition rules

If you'd like to see exactly how the competition rules were laid out, see page as of Dec 15th