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The Contest is over, we have a winner since December 2014!

In mid 2014, JOSM needed a new logo and some graphic material (banners).

It was then time for a contest!

Background: why a new logo?

Windows installer banner

Since 2005 and up to mid 2014, JOSM used the following, well-known, logo:

JOSM Logo 2005 2014.png


  • not available in vector format
  • uses old OSM logo (the one before 2011)
  • uses OpenStreetMap logo while JOSM is not officialy affiliated to the OpenStreetMap Foundation
  • uses CC-BY-SA material, while being redistributed under GPL license

After the change of OSM logo in 2011, we considered to "refresh" the current logo to fix the first two points (see #6896). But considering the two others points, we'd like a completely new logo. As we are all programmers, not graphic designers, it's time to hold a challenge to allow the community to create an all-new, shiny, logo :)

It's also the opportunity, as a bonus, to update other graphic content:

  • the vertical banner displayed in our Windows installer (on the right)
  • the horizontal banner displayed on our FB/G+ social network pages (simple screenshot of the application)

Competition rules

  • The competition is open to anyone. Entrants can be an individual or team of people, even a design company
  • Partial entries are allowed. Artists can issue a logo without an associated vertical or horizontal banner; or at the opposite, a banner without logo. Keep in mind the logo is the essential part of the contest however.
  • A logo may be chosen from an entry and banners from another entries
  • Entries must be in SVG format and released under CC0 (public domain)
  • Entry designs should be emailed to contest at as attached SVG file(s)
  • The contestants should get a confirmation mail not more than 48 hours after submission
  • Entries must be received before midnight GMT on 30th September 2014
  • We really want a new logo, but the jury may decide to keep the current one, in the unlikely event that there is no suitable submission.
  • Artists can make variations of other public domain artwork, although credit must be given where credit is due (and credit will be given when the winner is chosen)
  • Individuals are allowed to submit multiple entries, but you are encouraged to put work into one or two designs, and no more than five.
  • Have fun!

Design brief

Conceptual suggestions

We're looking for a logo of its own. It may of course remind of OpenStreetMap, but please don't submit only a slight revision of the existing one :)

Where will the logo be used?

  • In the application itself (icon, splash screen, about dialog, web start, mac osx package).
  • On our official homepage and FB/G+ pages.
  • Any other creative uses by the community promoting JOSM.

Where will the banners be used?

  • Vertical banner will be used in the Windows installer.
  • Horizontal banner will be used on social network pages.

Design requirements

  • Vector - The design must be available in a vector format. We very much prefer SVG suitable for opening in Inkscape. Hopefully Adobe Illustrator can save to this format OK. You may wish to attach a rasterized version too, in case Inkscape screws it up somehow. If you do not know how to create SVG, team up with someone who does.
  • Copyright. You must release your design under CC0 (public domain). We promise the winning artist(s) will be credited, including a link of their choice, here on this wiki page, and on the JOSM homepage, but beyond that we do not guarantee any attribution, and certainly don't want to require it for downstream uses.
  • Square logo - We're looking for a logo which fits OK in a square area. The logo itself doesn't need to be square shape, but should look OK occupying a square area. As the logo will be used as an icon, it must look OK at low resolutions, but it's acceptable for this to provide several versions of the design, optimized for these specific resolutions: 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128.
  • Vertical banner - It must look OK at resolution of 164x314. It may contain the logo or not, but please we may choose your banner with someone else's logo, so we must be able to replace it easily in the design.
  • Horizontal banner - It must look OK at resolution of 851x315. It may not contain the logo.

After the competition

After judging is over we may need to do tweaks and improvements, and maybe that will involve further rounds of discussion, but hopefully we'll have a new logo for the October 2014 release!

The logos which were not selected will also be displayed on the wiki with artist's name alongside, unless entrants would prefer this not to happen (please explicitly notify us of this in advance).


All entries see Logo Contest. The winner is the clear design by Diamond00744.

The winning logo (December 2014)

In 2019 this logo got a refresh:

Logo refresh (August 2019)


Acknowledgements: This wiki page is based on the rules of the HOT Logo design competition (by Harry Wood).