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State of the Map Baltics is a regional conference for mappers, users and developers from Baltic States, Russia and Finland (and other countries). In 2013 it was held in Tartu, Estonia on 3-4 of August. The primary language of the conference is English.


Plans: There is no fixed program yet. The meeting will be rather unformal and have the style of an UNconference than an academic conference). We plan for normal talks, lighting talks, "podium discussions"... There may will also be a social event in a pub in the evening, or some other social activity. There will be no or a small (~ 10 Euro) conference fee.

The program will be in English.


The most direct way is to register for the talk-ee mailing list and send a message there. There are also discussion threads in the OpenStreetMap forum:


Please contact for sponsorship and support options. Your logo will be present here and in the venue.

The State of the Map Baltics conferences edit