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Since many users have problems to load, print and edit the logo of OpenStreetMap using the original SVG-file, I've fixed most of the occuring problems. The logo shows up correctly in FX3 now.

OpenStreetMap-Logo "fixed" (fill-pattern has been changed against vector-paths): Image:OpenStreetMap-Logo.svg

OpenStreetMap-Logo inside a PDF (can be imported to Adobe Illustrator etc.) File:OpenStreetMap-Logo.pdf

OpenStreetMap-Logo rendered as flat PNG (500px, 72 ppi for use on websites):

OpenStreetMap-Logo rendered as transparent PNG (500px, 72 ppi for use on websites): Image:OpenStreetMap-Logo 500px 72dpi transparency.png

I've also created several TIFF-files (300 ppi) for printing (posters, magazines etc.).
I'm hosting them somewhere else, since this WIKI can not handle TIFF and ZIP. All other files are included:

License on the original logo:

Trade Mark 2500155 at for Class 41 to Proprietor "Openstreetmap Foundation, Surrey, UK"

Someone changed the logo without agreement or discussion with the community. Again, it's not usable with professional applications like Adobe Illustrator, Indesign or anything else.

It's hard to convert all the lenses and gradients, so the whole logo will take some days :-( Here's the magnifying glass as a PDF: 2011-05-02 magnification 01.pdf.