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As of April 2020 the osmf:Communication Working Group (CWG) of the OpenStreetMap Foundation is running a promotional material (“swag”) programme. We have OSM merchandise and are willing to send it to you for free.

As of December 2021 OpenStreetMap US is selling some OSM merchandice on their store: OpenStreetMap US Swag.

Who can get them

The purpose of this programme is to support the promotion of OpenStreetMap. We want to provide materials for people running events, or to local communities. This programme is new, we have not fully worked it out yet, and do not have any hard and fast rules yet.

How to get them


If you are running a conference, or a large event, we can send you a package of a few hundred stickers (anywhere in the world) for free if you have been granted a osmf:SOTM Quick Licence.

Please contact us, tell us about your event, how many stickers, links to the designs you'd prefer (if available), and address details. Decisions will be taken on a case by case basis. Please contact us as far in advance as possible (at least 6 weeks).


We're willing to put a few stickers (1→10) in an envelope and post them to anywhere in the world for free. Please contact us. You can indicate which designs you'd prefer, if available (please include links).

Personal Data

In order to post you stickers, we need to know your name & address. Along with your email address, this personal data will be kept private & confidential and on the records of the Communications Working Group. They will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be transferred to, or shared with, anyone else.

Available Promotional Material


We have the following stickers (52x52mm square, glossy):

Attribution Fixer Stickers

(When a map uses OSM data, and they've "forgotten" to display OSM attribution, you can help them with these stickers)

  • DE - DE
  • EN - EN
  • ES - ES
  • FR - FR
  • GL - GL
  • IT - IT
  • LT - LT
  • NL - NL
  • PT - PT
  • SQ - SQ
  • ZH_CN - ZH_CN

We print these stickers in batches of 1000. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee all versions are always available.


Main article: OSM Promotional Material Programme/History


We want to expand the programme, and add more types of promotional material. Please get in touch with the CWG to discuss ideas.

Swag from Individual OSMers

If you have some OSM swag/merch which you'd be willing to distribute to OSMers, please detail it here, including what you have, and how people can get some (costs). This is not part of the CWG


As of January 2020 I have some 52x52mm stickers with craftmapper & antifa

Email me amanda@technomancy.org. Cost for up to 10 stickers is about €1.10 (incl P&P) to anywhere in the world.

Your name

What you have

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