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Musikverein Vienna June 2006 480.jpg
Hall designed for performances of live (usually classical) music. Edit or translate this description.
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[W] Concert Hall Concert Halls are buildings, or sometimes rooms in a larger building, built specifically for the performance of live music, mainly from the classical tradition.

Traditionally, on OSM, concert halls have mainly been mapped using amenity=theatre, which can be specified with second-level tags such as theatre:genre=philharmonic or theatre:type=concert_hall.

Concert halls differ from theatres in a number of ways: open stage, no or very limited back stage area, significantly different acoustic design, no fly tower, orchestra pit, wings etc. Concert Halls may have a large organ built into their fabric, often with parts of the organ, including the console occupying a prominent position at the rear of the stage area. Equally the rear of the stage often rises in a series of tiers to accommodate sections of an orchestra and choral singers. In many cases, the [W] Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House being a good example, theatres and concert halls share backstage and front-of-house facilities in a single building.

Notable concert halls include: [W] Tonhalle Tonhalle, Zurich; [W] Musikverein Musikverein, Vienna; [W] Royal Albert Hall the Royal Albert Hall, London; [W] Holywell Music Room Holywell Music Room, Oxford w65237635 b j; Royal Festival Hall, London.

How to Map

For the less popular, non-structured approach, either add a node to the centre of the concert hall (building or space), or create a way. Tag the element with amenity=concert_hall. You can name it with name=*. If the concert hall is a dedicated building and it is mapped as a way, add building=concert_hall.

See also

  • building=* - useful to map the building itself

Use of theatre genre and type tags

The following tags are already in use for identifying facilities tagged amenity=theatre which are likely to be concert halls.

Music theatre



Alternative tagging

A number of alternative means of tagging concert halls include

  • amenity=theatre - much more common. Tagged often on its own, but can add theatre:genre=philharmonic
  • amenity=music_venue a more generic tag, which also includes venues for other forms of music such as jazz, folk, pop, rock etc.