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Contact Info

Simone Cortesi

Simone Cortesi

I served Board Member for the OpenStreetMap Foundation. I was elected during the 2009 election.

You can contact me if you need to talk about OpenStreetMap.

  • mail: simone (at) osmfoundation (dot) org
  • skype: simone.cortesi
  • Google Talk: simone (at) cortesi (dot) com
  • Jabber: simone (at) jabber (dot) at
  • IRC ( Simone (or Simone1)
  • location: near Pavia, Italy
  • phone: by request

About GPS and me

My fascination for GPS technologies goes back to 1994 when I first heard about the constellation of satellites orbiting Earth reading the italian edition of Scientific American, I was really amazed by the idea of a "beam" coming from outer space which would let me know my own position on planet Earth. What fascinates me is the ability to convert something real as my physical presence in a given place, to a number pair representing that location.

Then, again, came in the idea of being able to "tag" objects in real world, like Neal Stephenson in its article on WIRED.

Then in 1998 I finally bought a Garmin e-map (now discontinued, which is the predecessor of eTrex Legend CX), a unit that I still own and use for wardriving. Then I did buy a Tom Tom 300 which I use with NMEAlogger, a couple of MTK I-blue 747, and a bluetooth mouse.

About OSM and me

I've been involved in OpenStreetMap since early 2005, and participated within the project since its inception. Apart from mapping my own town, I've been helping other OpenStreetMappers in the online mailing lists, IRC and forums since then.

I first heard about openstreetmap reading an NTK newsletter back in 2005. Contributed not that much to it, done some work on the comunity.

In 2008 I was one of the speakers at the annual State Of The Map conference, presenting the italian efforts in mapping our Country. My slides are available on Slideshare

I did stand for election as board member at this year OSMF elections, but was not succesfull. Still, I've granted the Foundation my will to help out on various matters and thus I'm part of the OpenStreetMap Foundation Management Team, and now I'm dealing with Local Chapters

In july 2009 presented again in Amsterdam for The State of the Map, again talking about Italy.


Italian Borders

I'm the prime guilty for the import of the italian internal borders between municipalities, provinces, regions, and country, was my friend. Additionally I convinced the public sector of these administrations to license the data to openstreetmap.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Data were granted at the end of december 2008, still being imported.


On 2009.01.23 the OSM community has been granted derivation right for the Regional Technical Map, imorteda data will bear this tag:



Data were granted in april 2009, still being imported.

Todo list

Here is my todo list for data requests in Italy:

* google transit cities if they gave data to them, why not OSM?
* Puglia, try to find out what's wrong with them.
* catasto
* Compagnia generale riprese aeree - BLOM
* microsoft
* - piemonte

Risorse per i mappatori

Da tenere e ricontrollare

* data consistency checks
* (poly2osm)
* lunghezza dati OSM
* unmapped places
* quadtile
* georeference video
* education sarah
* vandalism script
* parser
* import differenziale francese - postgres
* rendering nordic ski - [3]
* foldable map
* osm query through forms
* openjump osm sqlitespatial
* kosova slicer
* [4]
* easy map builder - gpx - styles
* geoform to address google improper use
* hack gamin nuvi gpx tracks






per selezionare nodi senza tag in JOSM type:node untagged -child

comandi ogr2ogr

$ ogr2ogr -f csv /dev/stdout liechtenstein-latest.osm.pbf points | head

osm_id,place,all_tags 26860698,,"""name""=>""Mittagspitze"",""tourism""=>""camp_site""" 26863444,,"""name""=>""Kuhgrat"",""natural""=>""peak""" 32011241,suburb,"""name""=>""Oberplanken"",""place""=>""suburb""" 32020993,,"""railway""=>""level_crossing""" 49872384,,"""highway""=>""crossing""" 49872651,,"""information""=>""guidepost"",""name""=>""Schloss Vaduz"",""tourism""=>""information""" 49939577,,"""highway""=>""crossing""" 49939622,,"""highway""=>""crossing""" 50049362,,"""highway""=>""crossing""" 50069907,,"""amenity""=>""parking""" (...)




  1. common attributes


  1. keys to report as OGR fields


  1. keys that, alone, are not significant enough to report a node as a OGR point


  1. keys that should NOT be reported in the "other_tags" field


  1. uncomment to avoid creation of "other_tags" field
  2. other_tags=no
  1. uncomment to create "all_tags" field. "all_tags" and "other_tags" are exclusive


comandi osmarender/osmosis

Di seguito i comandi per la mia macchina UBUNTU utili se si desidera estrarre una porzione di dati osm ad una qualunque data:

Prima si usa osmosis per estrarre dal file planet il poligono o il rettangolo richiesto:


bin/osmosis --read-xml file=planet.osm.bz2 --bounding-box top="45.2235" bottom="45.1472" left="9.1172" right="9.2628" --write-xml file=data.osm


bin/osmosis --read-xml file=planet-080130.osm.bz2 --bounding-polygon file=points-italy.txt --write-xml file=italy-20080130.osm

Scaricare qui il poligono corrispondente all'Italia.

per renderizzare una mappa a partire dal dato ricavato al punto precedente

xalan -in osm-map-features-z17.xml -out mappa.svg

(io uso xalan, ma xsltproc e xmlstarlet sono equivalenti)

Si converte poi in formato PNG usando inkscape

inkscape -D -e mappa.png mappa.svg


osmosis --rx in1.osm --sort --rx in2.osm --sort --m --wx out.osm

merkaartor extract

In Merkaartor you can draw a way around the area of interest and save it. Then use the tool "osm2poly" from SVN (requires the way to be tagged with polygon_id=1 and polygon_filename=mypoly.poly or so), which will then generate a polygon file that can be used with the Osmosis --bp task.

If you cannot open the country OSM in any editor then you could still open your favourite editor and load a WMS (landsat) background and draw the area on top of that, save as .osm and proceed as above.


MTK- GPS-babel

mtkbabel -s 115200 -l off -f gpsdata -t -w

copia dal dispositivo

mtkbabel -d7 -E

elimina il contenuto del dispositivo

gpsbabel -i gpx -f inputfile -x discard,hdop=4 -x position,distance=5m -x simplify,crosstrack,error=0.001k -x duplicate,location -o gpx -F outputfile

filtro per GPX


ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" -s_srs "EPSG:3395" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" wgs84_shp com2001_s.shp

Opzione che ho provato ad usare per passare dai dati ISTAT a WGS84.

shp2text --gpx # # nome_file

genera GPX

overpass API

bus stops whose line's ref=3

This shows the whole cycleway and cycleroute network.
<osm-script output="json">
  <!-- get cycle route relations -->

<query type="relation">
      <bbox-query {{bbox}}/>
    <has-kv k="route" v="bus"/>
    <has-kv k="ref" v="3"/>
    <has-kv k="from" v="Montebolone"/>
<recurse type="relation-node" into="stops"/>
<query type="node">
  <around from="stops" radius="100"/>
  <has-kv k="bus" v="yes"/>



Users on a given area

download an area using WGET and a link you can build here: then

perl -nle 'print $1 if /user="(.*?)"/' map.osm | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r



9.1196 9.2645

Europe -13.5,21,65.4,50.8


6.45 18.85


Pavia [9.0877533,45.1561377,9.2425919,45.2337999]

Sicilia (border test)

14.162 15.293

Tile Informationfreeway

Pavia xy 4304 2940 13
Vernavola xy 17218 11760 15

SHP to OSM + Upload


simone@blackmagic:~/Desktop$ java -cp shp-to-osm-0.7.3-jar-with-dependencies.jar Main --shapefile civici_wgs84_OK.shp --osmfile civici --rulesfile rules.txt --outputFormat osm

bulk upload

Uploading files using a wrapper around bulk_import:

 for i in `ls ed*.osm`
	echo "Uploading OSM file $i ..."
	/usr/bin/python /home/simone/ -i $i -u -p XXX -c "CTRN FVG buildings upload: Regione_Friuli-Venezia-Giulia_17620_2.100_17576 $i"


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