Via Romea Francigena

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Via Romea Francigena

The 'Via Romea & Via Francigena', an ancient road between Canterbury and Rome and beyond, which passes through England, France, Switzerland and Italy. It was an important medieval road and pilgrimage route connecting north-western Europe with Rome.

To pilgrims headed south, it was the Via Romea, to those headed north, the Via Francigena.

Relation Via Romea Francigena (XML, Potlatch2, iD, JOSM, history, analyze, manage, gpx) The mapping of the Via Romea Francigena is part of the European long-distance paths program

The EV5, that is the bicycle version of the pilgrimage, is mapped on an other relation.

Note : for mapping the bicycle itinerary see EV5.

Mapping: the Relations


Each country could have a relation according to the following example :

Tag Note
ref=Via Romea Francigena
name=Via Romea Francigena - French part


Type Role Discussion
Way (blank) or 'forward' or 'backward' [1] the ways making up the route.
Area Node place_of_worship Main churches along the way or at stages where are services for pilgrims.
Area Node information Information resource for pilgrims see information=*


Don't forget mapping the amenities (shelter, fountain, drinking water, bench, toilets, pharmacy... amenity=*), shops (shop=*) and other touristic features (hostel, camp, picnic_site, viewpoint... tourism=*) along the way that could have interest for the pilgrims, but WITHOUT including them into the relation.

Via Romea Francigena in different countries

Country from
Status Relation Notes


Biking (0/4)  1% Relation 1069756 (XML, Potlatch2, iD, JOSM, history, analyze, manage, gpx)


Biking (0/4)  1% Relation 371544 (XML, Potlatch2, iD, JOSM, history, analyze, manage, gpx)


Biking (2/4)  100% Relation 124582 (XML, Potlatch2, iD, JOSM, history, analyze, manage, gpx)


Biking (0/4)  9% Relation 955907 (XML, Potlatch2, iD, JOSM, history, analyze, manage, gpx)

Mapped so far



  1. The destination is Roma. If the way is leading to Roma, chose forward or left blank, otherwise chose backward