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Go Do Some Mapping Dorothea
prefers to go outside and map.

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I support OSM by being a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

hello :)

My name is Dorothea. I'm helping the board of the OpenStreetMap Foundation and some of the volunteer Working Groups as an Administrative Assistant (one of two independent contractors that the Foundation has - the other one being the accountant). I'm also volunteering on the OSMF Communication Working Group. If you want to get a better idea of what I do, you can read this post (Dec 2017) and my 2019 report.

Edits on this wiki

You can consider this account to be a sort of "official" OSMF account and most of my edits are OSMF related. Having said that, please keep in mind that some of the edits have not been specifically proposed by the OSM Foundation board or one of the Working Groups.

I also edit the OSM Foundation website, under the same username.

A note for you

With my CWG volunteer hat on, may I ask you to consider making a difference by joining one of the volunteer Working Groups? Your help will be hugely appreciated and you can be as involved as you want. Just email the Working Group of your choice.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me

  • using Wiki mail
  • or at (PGP fingerprint: A352 933B 5946 9967 328E 7FD2 1EF4 2A02 2575 038A)

(pronouns: she/her)

You can meet me in Athens or maybe at the State of the Map conference.