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Time allocation

2019 Dorothea's time allocation.png

List of tasks - spreadsheet

Please see the spreadsheet for more information.

The list below is just the first column of the spreadsheet.

Documenting board meetings
Documenting procedures on the board wiki
Documenting issues on Gitlab
Documentation on the OSMF website (non covered by other tasks)
Documentation on the OpenStreetMap wiki
Dealing with Corporate Memberships
Arranging meetings
Emails / organisation / miscellaneous
Regularly – Working Groups related
Helping the Licensing Working Group
Helping the State of the Map Working Group
Multiple times per year
Administrative support to Secretary during Local Chapter applications
Replying to membership list requests
Documenting closed portion of board meetings
Helping processing Membership Fee Waivers due to financial hardship
CiviCRM related (not covered by other tasks)
Publishing OSMF updates
Adding Advisory Board members to the AB mailing list and updating the OSMF website and board wiki
Helping with surveys
Running the Election to Board and Annual General Meeting tasks
Face-to-Face meeting tasks
Companies House - Change of directors
Companies House - Annual filing

Documentation of 2019 SotM scholarship process

Please see: State_of_the_Map_2019/Scholarships.

Assignment of tasks and freedom to do things

Assignment of new tasks

New tasks are assigned either by the whole board or my supervisor. A single board member cannot assign me a new task unless 1) the whole board is aware and ok or 2) the board member has asked and got the ok from my supervisor. My supervisor for 2019 was Heather Leson.

Freedom to do things

At the same time, the board and the (SotM and Licensing) working groups have given me relative freedom and I can decide to do things (within reason) without having to ask permission each time. Some of past decisions:

Note about draft board minutes

Please note that draft board minutes are added to the OSMF website, without preview or pre-approval by the board.

Tasks that can be easily handed over to community members

Any of the tasks can be done by dedicated community members. From the list, the ones that can be relatively easily handed over to community members are:

SotM related

  • Helping with SotM scholarships.
  • Helping with SotM sponsorships. That includes contacting companies/organisations from a set list, to find if they are interested to be SotM sponsors and possibly following up.
  • Visa support to non-scholars that want to attend SotM. This involves creating invitation letters that will be used during the Visa application process.

If you are interested in any of the above, or want to help the SotM WG, please have a look at the SotM WG call for volunteers and email


The annual board elections could be run by the Membership Working Group, if there is interest.

Processing fee waiver applications due to financial need

This currently involves creating a proposal on the Loomio platform, sending reminders and documenting the result on OTRS (MWG issue tracker) and the OSMF website. There has been discussion within the board to not continue with Loomio, as there will be a fee incurred soon. This task could ideally be taken up by a MWG member and the proposal and voting can be added directly on the OSMF website.

Addition of candidates answers and manifestos to the OSM wiki

Maybe you want to get involved in the election process and help the QA election facilitator.

Wikifying pre-2017 LWG minutes

Pre-2017 LWG minutes currently exist only in Gdocs.

Helping with surveys

You can help compiling translated answers, etc :)