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Undocumented tags I just use but are without formal proposal. Idea from User:Malenki/undoc tags

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tag taginfo reasoning status (see Proposal process)
Key:still_visible_on gives example(s) of aerial images where no longer existing object is visible. It makes more clear why it should not be deleted for now and makes easier to check when it can be deleted.

Or maybe it should be still_visible_in? Question for IRC "How one would say: "This storage tank is still visible on mapbox aerial images"? Or "This storage tank is still visible in mapbox aerial images"? Difference is "on aerial images" vs "in aerial images""

Tag:?=? mark disappearing path I just discovered that tractype=grade5 is not useful as it covers all pure dirt paths. Key:trail_visibility ?
Tag:tourism=carriage_ride_boarding ??????? marks departure point of tourism vehicles - vehicles wait for tourists and depart immediately with interested tourists. Possibilities include horse-drawn carriages, melex etc currently active and useful discussion on tagging mailing list
Tag:street_vendor=yes marks shop as a street vendor Proposed features/street vendor=yes (36 uses) - currently active and useful discussion on tagging mailing list
Tag:access:conditional=complex for situations where access:conditional is unreasonably complex in use - first at
Key:access:conditional:image for situations where access:conditional is unreasonably complex - link to photo with the rules in use - first at
Tag:surface=unhewn_cobblestone used by SC
Tag:opening_hours_sign=no There is no opening hours sign testing in progress, Proposed features/opening_hours_sign=no, posted on
Tag:amenity=traffic_park cases: Proposed features/scaled down streets that may be used for traffic safety education or as a type of a playground
Key:service_times:mass When mass is conducted testing sheduled, posted to tagging mailing list (mechanical edit)
Tag:natural=windthrow Remains of a forest destroyed by a wind testing in progress, posted to tagging mailing list
Tag:natural=undergrowth An area of dense undergrowth that makes walking/running hard/impossible. Already proposed on IOF_mapping testing in progress
Tag:man_made=goal A football goal - object on a pitch testing in progress
Tag:railway=pylon catenary pylons for railways (combine with man_made=mast?) replace my entries with Tag:power=catenary_mast
Tag:man_made=hay_rack for hay racks placed in the woods to feed animals during winter testing in progress, see Proposed features/amenity=feeding place, consider Tag:man_made=manger, amenity=game_feeding is quite popular
Tag:dual_carriageway=yes for oneway roads representing roads that are not oneway, as these roads have more than one carriageway and each is mapped separately tested, waits for a proposal (weird cases: (1) (2) )
Tag:service=turning_loop testing in progress
Tag:ticket=public_transport combined with Tag:shop=ticket testing in progress
Tag:topic=public_transport combined with Tag:tourism=information Tag:information=office testing in progress
Tag:traffic_sign=no_stopping instead of Tag:traffic_sign=PL:B-36, combined with Tag:traffic_sign_code=PL:B-36 send to @tagging
Tag:traffic_sign=no_parking send to @tagging
Tag:traffic_sign=oneway send to @tagging
Tag:traffic_sign=crossing instead of Tag:traffic_sign=PL:D-6, combined with Tag:traffic_sign_code=PL:D-6 and Tag:traffic_sign_detail=pedestrian_crossing testing in progress
Tag:traffic_sign=give_way instead of Tag:traffic_sign=PL:something-something testing in progress
Key:name:etymology:wikipedia (to be documented at Key:Wikipedia The person, event, geographical feature or other subject that an entity (e.g. a street, airport or building) is named after. If the street has old_name, use old_name:etymology:wikipedia=*. Inspired by subject:wikidata. I am using it to replace invalid wikipedia links (like in case of ) testing in progress
Tag:traffic_sign_contradiction=* freeform value, describes traffic sign inconsistencies testing in progress

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(at least 3k cases where double tagged with leisure=swimming_pool)