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Undocumented tags I just use but are without formal proposal. Idea from User:Malenki/undoc tags

tag taginfo reasoning status to be documented at
Tag:natural=windthrow Remains of a forest destroyed by a wind testing in progress, posted to tagging mailing list Tag:natural=windthrow
Tag:natural=undergrowth An area of dense undergrowth that makes walking/running hard/impossible. Already proposed on IOF_mapping testing in progress Tag:natural=undergrowth
Tag:man_made=goal A football goal - object on a pitch testing in progress Tag:man_made=goal
Tag:amenity=beater outdoor carpet hanger for beating carpets - (trzepak) testing in progress Tag:amenity=beater
Tag:railway=pylon catenary pylons for railways (combine with man_made=mast?) replace my entries with Tag:power=catenary_mast Tag:railway=pylon
Tag:man_made=hay_rack for hay racks placed in the woods to feed animals during winter testing in progress Tag:man_made=hay_rack
Tag:dual_carriageway=yes for oneway roads representing dual carriageway with bidirectional traffic tested, waits for a proposal (weird cases: (1) (2) ) Tag:carriageway=yes
Tag:service=turning_loop testing in progress Tag:service=turning_loop
Tag:ticket=public_transport combined with Tag:shop=ticket testing in progress Tag:ticket=public_transport
Tag:topic=public_transport combined with Tag:tourism=information Tag:information=office testing in progress Tag:topic=public_transport
Tag:traffic_sign=no_stopping instead of Tag:traffic_sign=PL:B-36, combined with Tag:traffic_sign_code=PL:B-36 send to @tagging Key:
Tag:traffic_sign=no_parking send to @tagging Key:
Tag:traffic_sign=oneway send to @tagging Key:
Tag:traffic_sign=crossing instead of Tag:traffic_sign=PL:D-6, combined with Tag:traffic_sign_code=PL:D-6 and Tag:traffic_sign_detail=pedestrian_crossing testing in progress Key:
Tag:traffic_sign=give_way instead of Tag:traffic_sign=PL:something-something testing in progress Key:
Tag:name:etymology:wikipedia=* The person, event, geographical feature or other subject that an entity (e.g. a street, airport or building) is named after. If the street has old_name, use old_name:etymology:wikipedia=*. Inspired by subject:wikidata. I am using it to replace invalid wikipedia links (like in case of ) testing in progress Key:Wikipedia Key:name:etymology:wikipedia
Tag:traffic_sign_contradiction=* freeform value, describes traffic sign inconsistencies testing in progress Key:


Mechanical Edits


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Now documented tags

tag taginfo reasoning status to be documented at
Tag:operator:wikipedia=* Operator (not franchise) of a restaurant, shop, bank or some other customer service or office. Inspired by operator:wikidata. testing in progress Key:Wikipedia Key:operator:wikipedia
Tag:brand:wikipedia=* Brand of product (car, bicycle..) that a retailer sells or workshop repairs. Inspired by brand:wikidata. Added to Key:wikipedia#Secondary_Wikipedia_links Key:Wikipedia Key:brand:wikipedia
Tag:subject:wikipedia=* The subject of a statue, artwork or memorial (a person, event, geographical feature..). Inspired by subject:wikidata. I am using it to replace invalid wikipedia links (like in case of ) testing in progress Key:Wikipedia Key:subject:wikipedia