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In the end it was replaced by (request to deprecate is_in:continent=*), as community preferred this over an automated edit.

Proposed bot edit

Page content created as advised on Automated_Edits_code_of_conduct#Document_and_discuss_your_plans.

is_in:continent=* - this tag is subjective as both division Earth landmass into continents[1] and boundaries between continents[2] are mostly subjective. There are many competing ways to split world into continents and OSM is not proper place to record all of them or one selected system.

In rare cases where one desires to assign locations to continents it can be done using location data inherently included in OSM objects.

is_in:continent=* should be removed to avoid confusing newbies and discourage adding new instances of this undesirable tag.


I, Mateusz Konieczny using my bot account


message via OSM I will respond also to PMs to the bot account, though messaging my main account is preferable as I will get notifications in OSM editors.

English and Polish languages are preferable, for other I need to use an automatic translator.


Removal of all is_in:continent=*

Editing is restricted to USA.


is_in:continent=* should be removed to avoid confusing newbies and discourage adding them as it is subjective and unsuitable for inclusion within OSM.


About 500 objects -


  • is_in:continent=* tags are removed
  • Each changeset contains a single element or group of close elements to avoid edits spanning across large areas (it is impossible in cases where edited object itself spans very large area)

A theoretical example based on :
state before a mechanical edit:

state after a mechanical edit:

Changeset would be described and tagged with tags that mark it as automatic, provide link to discussion approving edit etc


posted on talk-us at

posted into slack us (as advised at ) was created as direct result of discussion


This is proposed as reoccurring edit and may be made as soon as new is_in:continent=* appear. At this moment triggering new edit requires human intervention and review so exact schedule is not predictable and bot may stop running at any moment. - dropped on request made on ml

Similar edits

I completed elimination of old-style Wikipedia links in USA.

I made similar tag removal bot edits in Poland - removing nine useless tags, removing four useless tags and removing is_in duplicating borders of Poland - is_in:country, is_in=Poland, is_in=Polska, is_in:country code


Please write in discussion thread at talk-us mailing list. To verify your account please also send me a PM via OSM messaging system.