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(edit), see Automated Edits code of conduct

My idea is that automatic edits are OK given edit where

  • human making such changes would not cause a reasonable protest
  • human would edit in the same way or human would make more mistakes
  • preparing program and discussing automatic edit will take less time than a tedious manual edit
  • probability that human during editing would spot major issues not detected by validators is not significantly higher than during normal editing (human will spot mistakes during any editing anywhere, automatic program not spotting problems during editing is harmful only if unusually many major issues not detected by validators would not spotted)
  • edit is accepted by OSM community in discussion (even if somebody is convinced that edit makes perfect sense one should not make if community opposes. it makes sense even if edit was really a good idea)

Overall my vision of automatic edits is that it allows to do incredibly tedious and boring edits, with less mistakes than humans. It allows humans to make more productive editing.

I consider importing addresses from high-quality sources, removing invalid objects imported due to poor processing of source data (importing objects marked as not existing), retagging building=building to building=yes to be good examples of such edits.

Assuming that address dataset is on suitable license and so good that after importing it OSM dataset will cause less mistakes than after surveying the area, why not import it? Except rare cases it will take less effort to do that and people can spend survey time on objects that are not easily importable.

Assuming that some large-scale retagging is clearly desirable - what is the benefit over doing it manually object by object over running scipt and spending hours of freed OSM time on something more useful like going on walk and surveying local area (or tracing forests or improving OSM editors or helping newbies or going through what JOSM validator reported).

Local communities

  • Poland
  • USA: talk-us mailing list and slack
  • Australia: talk-au mailing list
  • GB: talk-gb mailing list
  • Ireland: talk-ie mailing list


Waiting period to give time for response or processing of external issues

Waiting period - supported by discussion, all raised issues solved

Active tasks

Tasks active for a single run

Tasks active forever, until revoked by a community

Past, no longer active tasks

Ended without a single mechanical edit

Not listed here

  • Reverts of undiscussed mechanical edits - as explained by DWG - automated revert of an undiscussed mechanical edit may be done without any discussion and is exempt from Automated Edits code of conduct

Data quality issues

In some cases below mechanical edits may be useful. Many are fixable only by a manual review.

Rerun ideas