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Undocumented tags I just use but don't bother to document due to the amount of time I don't have/want to invest:

Date of entry tag taginfo reasoning
2013-03-04 bridge:name Found 8k nodes with bridge=yes and name= on them in South Korea. Copying the tags from the nodes to the (to be created) bridges would replace the highways name. Researching a little showed that bridge:name might be of use. Also other things at bridges could be put into the bridge-namespace by using bridge:xy=. Started to use bridge:name (and two or three more bridge: things on that bridge nodes).
2013‎-03-27 type=superroute For meta-relations containing relations. Most likely to be used on long distance routes
2013-04-20 building=doghouse A building were a dog or more is/are kept. Using "doghouse" since this was the only tag in usage I found OSM-wide.
2013-08-03 shop=dressed_stone A shop where you can buy pieces of natural stone like marble and granite in various shapes - e.g. plates for mounting them onto the facade of a house.
2013‎-09-20 landuse=outdoor_seating
outdoor seating area of a restaurant in Albania
An area for outdoor seating.

Mostly connected to restaurants and cafes but can also used standalone. Not to confuse with amenity=biergarten. Found one amenity=outdoor_seating and one landuse=outdoor_seating. After short discussion on IRC decision for landuse=*.

2013‎-09-21 ride_height=* Gives the minimum ground clearance a vehicle should have to pass the way mapped with this tag.
2013‎-11-10 tourism=apartment Similar to tourism=chalet, but you just rent a flat or apartment instead of a complete house. Exists in Germany and Austria quite often. See also
2013‎-11-10 man_made=hay_rack for hay racks placed in the woods to feed animals during winter
2013‎-12-20 summit:register=yes notebooks deposited on peaks to write a note or comment into
2013‎-12-24 advertising=column Advertising columns (german: Litfaßsäule) are cylindrical outdoor sidewalk structures with a characteristic style that are used for advertising and other purposes. (definition from english wikipedia)
Advertising Column in Görlitz

Tag:advertising=column exists since 07.08.2014 with "Status: De facto " (Thanks at Mateusz Konieczny for the hint)

2015-06-13 place=plaza
Brandenburg Gate and Paris Place in Berlin
For squares and plazas on settlements. "A plaza is an open urban public space, such as a city square."(WP:EN)

Though an inactive proposal for landuse=square exists I'd go for place= since
a) quite often there are different "landuses" inside at a plaza/square and
b) usually a plaza is referred to as a locality.
As value I chose plaza since this is the most used value when looking at all numbers for landuse=place/square and place=place/square

2015-08-25 stop_on_demand=yes For railway=station or halt where the trains only stop by request. Quite hidden/undocumented in the wiki, hard to find.
2016-03-31 natural=wood landuse=wood_pasture & perhaps woodland:type=dehesa For wood pasture, tagging suggestion by SK53 on IRC.