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if by chance anyone is seeing it: feel free to fix issues

you can also remove fixed entries from this list, or just fix them

Or look at Category:Tag descriptions with no status specified, Category:Feature pages with missing images (more noisy, not filtered for priority)

See also and Category:Media without a license

log of issues

List of obviously needed improvements to OSM Wiki

OSM Wiki includes plenty of useful documentation, but more is needed. Help would be highly welcomed - there is need to both improve existing wiki pages and to document tags that are not documented right now.

Tags with quickly growing usage but without own page

see for some info how OSM Wiki pages are created note: linked page is in a very early draft, edits, contributions are greatly appreciated! Even comments about what is unclear or missing greatly increase chance of further improvements. For example comment which TODO is especially important is very likely to result in edit fixing it.

Following are tags with growing usage without their wiki page. Either fixing that tagging or creating page documenting de facto use is needed.

Note also that pages may exist as just redirects! If page redirects to place where it is explained it may be still useful to create a separate page for it. water=fishpond (increase by 2527 in last 100 days):

Tag Increase in past 100 days
water=fishpond 2527
water=yes 1443
natural=yes 1344
landuse=hut 1656
barrier=median_strip 3988
surface=metal 2100
surface=paving_stones:30 1988
railway=razed 2492
access=yes 81431
bicycle=destination 2338
foot=customers 1236
foot=no @ (Mo-Su 18:00-07:00) 2326
hgv=designated 11711
location=roof 40307
location=surface 8591
entrance=home 5277
entrance=service 1793
entrance=emergency 672
construction=yes 3949
construction=residential 5459
construction=house 1267
construction=minor 2202
construction=motorway_link 729
construction=footway 556
construction=apartments 677
construction=commercial 535
fee=no 44265
fee=yes 15895
oneway=no 77188
water=fishpond 2527
water=yes 1443

Important mismatch of OSM Wiki and data items

Important mismatches between data items and OSM Wiki that are worth spending time on fixing them (minor ones are skipped, see Category:Data item issues if you want all of them):

Parsing of infobox failed (typical issues are minor)

This listing comes from User:Mateusz Konieczny/todo

Following pages are listing problems waiting for fixing on OSM Wiki: