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Classification of European Inland Waterways Show/edit corresponding data item.
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CEMT is a classification for European inland waterways and extends waterway=* (axis of river, canal, fairway). CEMT=* is used on the European waterways that make up its water-based transportation network.

CEMT=* should only be used in correspondence with the official CEMT classification of the waterway. For waterways that lack a CEMT classification, see the other water-based transportation tags in the access tree.


List of all European inland waterways: WikiProject_Europe/E-waterway_network


Seamark / iENC
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CEMT-Class/Value max. Length max. Width max. Draught Height Remark
1 0 - - - - inofficial, used for recreational boating fairways
2 I 38,50 5,05 1,8-2,2 4 of regional importance
3 II 50-55 6,6 2,5 4-5 of regional importance
4 III 67-80 8,2 2,5 4-5 of regional importance
5 IV 80-85 9,5 2,5 5,25-7 of international importance
6 Va 95-110 11,4 2,5-4,5 5,25-7 of international importance
7 Vb 172-185 11,4 2,5-4,5 5,25-9,1 of international importance
8 VIa 95-110 22,8 2,5-4,5 7-9,1 of international importance
9 VIb 185-195 22,8 2,5-4,5 7-9,1 of international importance
10 VIc 193-200 34,2 2,5-4,5 9,1 of international importance
11 VII 195/285 34,2 2,5-4,5 9,1 of international importance

The unofficial classificiation CEMT=0 is often used when source data (such as government provided data on waterways) marks this as a waterway suitable for general recreational use. CEMT=0 implies motorboat=yes and canoe=yes, but also tends to strongly imply ship=no.


The presence of CEMT=* with value of I or higher, implies that an inland waterway is  navigable (within the size and draught constraints shown in the table above) for the purposes of water transport.

CEMT=* is not the only tag that can indicate navigability on waterways. Outside of Europe, ship=* may be used instead for shipping links. For waterways that lack a CEMT=* tag, boat=* and its descendants can be used to indicate navigability by smaller vessels.



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