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Public-images-osm logo.svg generator:method
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Method by which the energy is generated
Group: Power
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Exhaustive list of possible generator:method=* values
Source / method Description Generator types
2020 stBN powergensource nuclear.svg nuclear fission Generators using fission to produce heat, steam and then electricity PWR, BWR-1 - BWR-6, RBMK-1000, RBMK-1500, VVER, CANDU, CPR-1000, EPR
fusion Generators using nuclear fusion to produce heat and then electricity tokamak, stellarator, ICF, cold-fusion
2020 stBN powergensource wind.svg wind - - horizontal_axis, vertical_axis
2020 stBN powergensource water.svg hydro water-storage Generator producing electricity with turbines fed by water coming from a lake behind a dam francis_turbine, kaplan_turbine, pelton_turbine
water-pumped-storage Generator producing electricity like generator:method=water-storage and additionaly able to pump water from a lower lake to the storage lake when needed. francis_turbine
run-of-the-river Generator producing electricity with turbine using stream of a river (with no storage dam) francis_turbine, kaplan_turbine, pelton_turbine
2020 stBN powergensource water.svg tidal barrage kaplan_turbine
stream horizontal_axis, vertical_axis
2020 stBN powergensource water.svg wave - - -
2020 stBN powergensource water.svg geothermal - - steam_turbine, heat_pump
2020 stBN powergensource sun.svg solar thermal Generator producing hot water/steam with sun power steam_turbine, solar_thermal_collector
photovoltaic Generator producing electicity with sun power solar_photovoltaic_panel
Bahnpirat-power source-coal.svg coal combustion steam_generator ,steam_turbine
Bahnpirat-power source-gas.svg gas combustion gas_turbine, combined_cycle, reciprocating_engine, steam_generator, steam_turbine
Bahnpirat-power source-biofuel.svg biomass combustion steam_generator ,steam_turbine
gasification gas_turbine
Bahnpirat-power source-biofuel.svg biofuel combustion reciprocating_engine, steam_generator
Bahnpirat-power source-biofuel.svg biogas combustion gas_turbine, reciprocating_engine, steam_generator,
Bahnpirat-power source-oil.svg oil combustion steam_generator ,steam_turbine
Bahnpirat-power source-oil.svg diesel combustion reciprocating_engine, steam_generator
Bahnpirat-power source-oil.svg gasoline combustion reciprocating_engine, steam_generator
Bahnpirat-power source-waste.svg waste combustion reciprocating_engine, steam_generator
gasification gas_turbine

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