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Biomass cogeneration, Biogas plant Edit or translate this description.
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In energy domains, and particularly with bioenergies, the biomass term refers to the set of organic materials originating from from living, or recently living organisms (plants including algae, animals or fungus) and which can become a source of energy through combustion (e.g. wood energy), or after methanisation (e.g. biogas) or new chemical transforms (e.g. biofuel).

Plants burning solid bio fuel

A bio mass power plant generates electricity by burning solid bio mass. Additionally, some plants also provide heat that can be used for private housing or industrial processes.

It burns solid fuels like e.g., leftovers from wood processing, forest wood that can't be used otherwise, old wood, straw.

Biomassekraftwerk Lünen.jpg

Gas producing plants

In gas producing plants, bio mass is converted to bio gas by bio-chemical processes, such as anaerobic digestion or fermentation. Agricultural plants usually use (liquid) manure and energy plants as source material. Non-agricultural plants use bio-waste material. As a side product, the leftover digestate can be used as fertilizer. Most plants directly use the produced gas on site to produce electricity and heat in a cogenerator.

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Aerial view of a bio gas plant

The fermenter can be mapped with building=digester.

The produced gas can subsequently be converted to electricity and heat in a cogenerator.

If this is done at the same plant, replace generator:output:biogas=* by the appropriate tags, e.g.

because the whole plant is treated as one entity in OSM.

Biogas System.jpg

Flow diagram of the processes in a bio gas plant.

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