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Public-images-osm logo.svg trailblazed:visibility
trail blazing visibility and overall quality. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Hiking
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The key trailblazed:visibility=* is used as part of a classification scheme for describing visibility of blazing on trails. trailblazed=* This key describes attributes regarding trail blazing visibility, quality of marking, distance between markings and overall usefulness of marking.



Tag Value Element Description
trailblazed:visibility=excellent way next trail marker is always visible
trailblazed:visibility=good way next trail marker is usually visible
trailblazed:visibility=intermediate way next trail marker is sometimes visible and sometimes hard to find
trailblazed:visibility=bad way the trail markers are infrequent and/or can be hard to find/follow
trailblazed:visibility=horrible way trail markers exist but are rare or hard to locate
trailblazed:visibility=no way trail markers almost non-existent and/or they are so rare that they are close to useless

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