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Trail blazing 10.jpg
Markings on outdoor paths and trails by signs, markers, poles, cairns or in another way. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: hiking
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodesmay be used on waysshould not be used on areasshould not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
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Status: approvedPage for proposal

Trail blazing, or way marking, is the practice of improving visibility of trails in outdoor areas, and making them easier to follow, by use of a variety of signs, objects, or markings.


  • Tag trailblazed=* on paths or tracks which are marked using poles, cairns or other markings. If only part of the way is trailblazed, only tag the relevant sections. Do not tag trailblazed=* on route relations containing such a way. In route relations, use osmc:symbol=* symbol=* wiki:symbol=* or colour=* to tag the waymarking of the entire route.


Tag Description Picture 1 Picture 2 Definition of marking
trailblazed=yes trail is blazed in some way Yes 1.jpg Trail marker ribbon 01.jpg Any trail marking which will not fit any definition below.
trailblazed=no trail is not blazed Trailblazed no 3.jpg Trailblazed no 4.jpg No trail marking at all.
trailblazed=poles trail is blazed by poles Trailblazed poles 1.jpg Trailblazed poles 3.jpg Trail marking made by erected poles wooden or plastic, colored or natural.

If poles for example having red crosses on top for better vissibility
it still should be tagged as trailblazed=poles.
osmc:symbol=* symbol=* or wiki:symbol=* can be added if there is additional sign on them.

trailblazed=cairns trail is blazed by cairns Trailblazed cairns 1.jpg Trailblazed cairns 2.jpg Trail marking made by piled stones. Stones should be piled up in such manner

that there is not doubt they are man made and they are there for navigational reason.
If a cairn is colored it still should be tagged as trailblazed=cairns.
osmc:symbol=* symbol=* or wiki:symbol=* can be added if there is additional sign on them.

trailblazed=symbols trail is blazed by symbols Symbol 2.jpg Trail marker 02.jpg Trail marking made by colorful symbols painted directly on other objects

like trees, stones, houses and so on.
Or marking made by colorful or natural labels made from metal, wood, plastic or other material
attached firmly to other objects.
osmc:symbol=* symbol=* or wiki:symbol=* can be added if possible.


Picture Tag Description
Red crosses mark the winter route in Sylan in Sweden.jpg trailblazed=poles


Trail marking made by poles.

Even there is red cross on top of pole tag it as trailblazed=poles
Because of distance between poles I would tag it as trailblazed:visibility=good
in heavy snowfall or fog poles might not be perfectly visible.
osmc:symbol=red:red_x can be used here.

Trailblazed cairns 3.jpg trailblazed=cairns


Trail marking made by cairns.

Even there is red color on the cairn I would tag it as trailblazed=cairns
Because of distance between cairns I would tag it at least as trailblazed:visibility=bad
and maybe even trailblazed:visibility=horrible
osmc:symbol=red:red_arch can be used here.

Markacija drevo.jpg trailblazed=symbols


Trail marking made by symbol defined by osmc:symbol=*

So it should be tagged as trailblazed=symbols
Visibility of marking is impossible to define by this picture
so just for example trailblazed:visibility=intermediate
osmc:symbol=red:red_round:white_dot can be used here.

Pinhoti trail marker.jpg trailblazed=symbols


Trail marking made by marker attached to the tree

so it should be tagged as tag it as trailblazed=symbols
Trail visibility is unknown.
wiki:symbol=* can be used here.

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