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Group: Tourism
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The tourism=information describes an information source for tourists, travellers and visitors. But it does not differ between diverse types of an information point. This key helps refine this tag a little bit more, so it should be easier to find the right information point on a map.

This tag can be also used for information boards at a educational trail. The route and the boards/maps should then be parts of a relation.



Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
information office node area An office where you can get information about a town or region.
information visitor_centre node area A place where you can get information about a specific attraction or place of interest.
information board node A board with information. To describe it closer, have a look at board_type=*.
Lechfall sign.jpg
information terminal node A information terminal provides information access via electronic methods. Mostly it is combined with access to the internet. (see internet_access=*)
Uhříněves, Nové náměstí, informační stojan.jpg
information audioguide node A place where you can get information using headphones or a mobile phone.
  • This tag can be combined with fee=* and ref=*.
  • If you want to describe a audio service via mobile phone, you have to add the phone number via phone=*.
information map node A board with a map. To specify the type or shown details, have a look at map_type=* and map_size=* in Tag:information=map. To describe the access to the shown routes use the access-keys e.g hiking=yes, bicycle=yes or ski=yes.
Information Map Type Topo.PNG
Toposcope detail - - 1123662.jpg
information tactile_map node Tactile maps are maps for the blind, also known as haptic maps.
Tactile map herrenhausen small.jpg
information tactile_model node Tactile models are models for the blind representing buildings and surroundings.
Tactile map with Braille writing in Braunschweig Altstadtmarkt.jpg
information guidepost node Signposts/Guideposts are often found along official hiking/cycling routes to indicate the directions to different destinations. To describe the access to the shown routes use the access-keys e.g hiking=yes, bicycle=yes or ski=yes.
Fojtovicka plan guidepost.jpg
information trail_blaze


node A marker that shows the position of the way. Could be a symbol, a short pole or a painted marking. See also: trailblazed=*.
Note: 2 tagging variants currently in use.
For signs that show the direction of a route without giving any information about a destination or the specific route (markers between guideposts) the usage of route_marker is recommended. (Combine with bicycle=yes if bicycle route as in the example).
Side Trail (9224135427).jpg
Information trail blaze.PNG
Route marker Germany Zwischenwegweiser Radverkehrsnetz NRW.jpg
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