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Articles or images of road signs or traffic signs are listed in this category or one of the country specific subcategories.

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Files in this category are generally better located at Wikimedia Commons. Please upload new files there.
Wiki Help#Include images from Wikimedia Commons explains how to include images from there. edit


Please use the images (preferably SVG versions) directly from Wikimedia Commons Category:Road signs (or one of its subcategories), no need to upload here!
To show Wikimedia Commons road signs in OpenStreetMap wiki see Wiki Help#Include images from Wikimedia Commons.

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English Wikipedia has some additional images in the equivalent Category:Traffic signs; these images are not directly usable on this wiki, and should also be transferred to Wikimedia Commons (some of them may already be duplicates of images already in Commons and may be deleted at any time from Wikipedia), unless there are licensing restrictions: don't reimport them on this wiki if they are already eligible to be transferred to Wikimedia Commons, otherwise check their licence on Wikipedia to see if they are compatible with this wiki.


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