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Denmark road sign A96.svg
An area where low flying aircraft are known to appear.
Group: Hazards
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A low-flying aircraft hazard is an area, usually near an airport, in which low-flying aircraft cause a distraction or jetwash hazard to passing motorists or pedestrians.

Signage examples

The tables below show what low-flying aircraft hazard signage looks like in various countries.

European-style signage

Austria Belgium Czechia Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany
Gefahrenzeichen 10c.svg
(until 2022)
Belgian road sign A35.svg Czech Republic road sign A 20.svg Denmark road sign A96.svg
Denmark road sign A97.svg
EE traffic sign-183.png Finland road sign A31.svg France road sign A23.svg Zeichen 144-10.svg
Greece Hungary Iceland Italy Netherlands Norway Philippines Poland
Road-sign-Low-flying-aircraft.svg Hungary road sign A-051.svg Iceland road sign A24.11.svg Italian traffic signs - aeromobili.svg Nederlands verkeersbord J30.svg Norwegian-road-sign-150.0.svg Philippines road sign W5-11.svg Znak A-26.svg
Portugal Romania Russia
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland
Portugal road sign A21.svg Romania road sign A29.svg RU road sign 1.30.svg Dopravná značka A31.svg
Slovenia road sign I-21.svg Spain traffic signal p12.svg Sweden road sign A23-1.svg CH-Gefahrensignal-Flugzeuge.svg
Turkey Ukraine UK
Turkish road sign 21.jpg Ukraine road sign 1.18.gif UK traffic sign 558.svg
UK traffic sign 558.1.svg

MUTCD-style signage

Argentina Australia Brazil Canada Canada
Chile Indonesia Ireland
Argentina P-28.svg Australia road sign W5-30.svg Brasil A-43.svg Delaware W11-23-DE.svg Québec D-420-1.svg Chile road sign PE-7.svg Indonesia New Road Sign 8g.png Ireland road sign W 165.svg
Jamaica Liberia New Zealand Panama Peru Thailand USA Uruguay
Jamaica road sign W16.svg Vienna Convention road sign Ab-30-V1-1.svg New Zealand road sign W18-2.svg Panama P-43.svg Peru road sign P-45.svg Thailand road sign ต-59.svg Delaware W11-23-DE.svg Uruguay Road Sign P42.svg

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