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Public-images-osm logo.svg zone:traffic
Zeichen 310-50 - Ortstafel (Vorderseite) mit Kreis, StVO 1992.svg
Describes if a public road is in a specific trafficzone. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Restrictions
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Status: in usePage for proposal


This tag is based on the trafficzone proposal.

Which is still in draft status but widely accepted in Germany.



Key Value Description
zone:traffic DE:urban Zeichen 393 b - Informationstafel an Grenzübergängen (an sonstigen Straßen außerhalb der Autobahn), StVO 1981.svg
zone:traffic DE:rural
zone:traffic DE:motorway
zone:traffic BE-VLG:urban Urban zones only in Flanders (50 km/h)
zone:traffic BE-WAL:urban Urban zones only in Wallonia (50 km/h)
zone:traffic BE-BRU:urban Urban zones only in the Brussels-Capital Region (30 km/h)
zone:traffic BE-VLG:rural Rural zones only in Flanders (70 km/h)
zone:traffic BE-WAL:rural Rural zones only in Wallonia (90 km/h)

See also

  • zone:maxspeed=* - Used to mark streets which are part of a maxspeed zone