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Vlag van Nederland Project Nederland +/-
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Provinces of the Netherlands: Noord-Brabant · Gelderland · Zuid-Holland · Noord-Holland · Zeeland · Utrecht · Fryslân · Overijssel · Groningen · Drenthe · Limburg · Flevoland
Caribbean public bodies of the Netherlands: Bonaire · Sint Eustatius · Saba

Welcome to the Netherlands project page of OpenStreetMap! See the sidebar on the right for conventions and subprojects for the Netherlands.

The Netherlands, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Europe

latitude: 52.273, longitude: 5.154
Browse map of the Netherlands 52°16′22.80″ N, 5°09′14.40″ E
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The Netherlands
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The Netherlands is a constituent country in Kingdom of the Netherlands, Europe at latitude 52°16′22.80″ North, longitude 5°09′14.40″ East.

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