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Belgium, Europe

latitude: 50.536, longitude: 4.399
Browse map of Belgium 50°32′09.60″ N, 4°23′56.40″ E
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Belgium is a country in Europe at latitude 50°32′09.60″ North, longitude 4°23′56.40″ East.

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WikiProject Belgium +/-
OSM of Belgium as of 2008-11-14
OSM of Belgium as of 2016-12-21

This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to Belgium. Any guides or conventions on this page can be discussed on the discussion page, feel free to comment or help (mapping your area, tagging streets or correcting this page).


For accessibility reasons pages can be presented in four languages, but for practical reasons, the English version is the original version. For other languages choose a language at the top of the screen or choose here Nederlands or Français.

Belgian OpenStreetMap Community

Starting in 2013 there is an OpenStreetMap Belgium organization. We are part of OKFN Belgium as a working group and are one of the Foundation/Local Chapters (agreement). One of the first things that was done was to create a website:

OpenStreetMap Belgium has the following goals:

  • Promoting OpenStreetMap in Belgium.
  • Supporting the mapping community in any way possible.
  • Single point of contact for OpenStreetMap in Belgium.


Start with OSM


Mailing list

The openstreetmap Belgium mailing list is the main communications channel for openstreetmap volunteers in Belgium.

You can read about our activities past, current and future in the archives.

If you want to get involved with openstreetmap Belgium more closely, please subscribe to the mailing list, and introduce yourself with a short message to .

Raskas is the list administrator. Please contact him in case you experience any problems with (subscribing to) the mailing list.

OpenStreetMap volunteers in Belgium

Here's an incomplete list of OpenStreetMap volunteers in Belgium. If you want to be on this list, please:

  • Create an OpenStreetMap wiki account if you haven't got one yet, and log in. Note that an OpenStreetMap wiki account is not the same as an OpenStreetMap map editing account!
  • Go to your personal wiki page. You can find it by scrolling to the top of any page and clicking your name.
  • Edit your personal wiki page, adding the following line at the bottom: [[Category:Users in Belgium]].

Mapper of the month

This is a monthly interview with a Belgian mapper, for more information see Belgian Mapper of the Month

Mapping resources

See the Mapping resources page for a partial list.

Most useful ones:

  • UrbIS-Ortho 2017 (selected by default)
  • AGIV Flanders most recent aerial imagery
  • UrbisAdm FR (includes buildings, numbers and street overlays and French names)
  • UrbisAdm NL (same as above but with Dutch names)
  • AGIV Flanders most recent arial imagery (selected by default)
  • AGIV Flanders GRB (includes buildings, numbers and street overlays and names)
  • SPW most recent aerial imagery (selected by default)
  • SPW PICC numerical imagery (includes buildings, numbers and street overlays and names)
  • SPW Relief de la Wallonie - Modèle Numérique de Terrain (MNT) 2013-2014 - Hillshade


Base d'adresses nationales belges ouverte (BANBO)

Créer une base nationale belge et ouverte de toutes les adresses

BE Quarterly projects

The BE Quarterly Projects is a series of projects for Belgium mappers, announced every quarter on the talk-be mailing list, started in January 2016.


See the Conventions page for discussing the mapping and tagging conventions.

Bus stops in Wallonia

See the dedicated page : WikiProject Belgium/Mapping resources/TEC


If you have a goal that you are working towards or one that you would like to see get done (and are maybe willing to get the ball rolling) then add it to the list here, create a section where it can be coordinated and tracked, and a way of measuring progress.


Regions Linguistic communities Main cities and towns by province
Flanders (Vlaanderen) Dutch community West Flanders (West-Vlaanderen) East Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen) Anvers (Antwerpen) Limburg Flemish Brabant (Vlaams-Brabant)
Brussels Capital Brussels Capital
French community
Wallonia (Wallonie) Walloon Brabant (Brabant wallon) Hainaut Namur Liège Luxembourg
German community

Referencing the Belgian Official Journal - Moniteur - Staatsblad

The Belgian Official Journal (moniteur, staatsblad) contains legal texts and their modifications. These texts are never changed after publication. The Consolidated Legislation (French, Dutch) contains the same legal documents, but updated with their modifications. They are not the official texts, but they are of course meant to say the same and they are much more humanly understandable because they say it in a single piece.

The stable, canonical form of an URL of a consolidated document is as follows:
where: cn=yyyymmddnn are the enactment date and a sequence number within.

To find cn, simply make a search of the document you want. In the old days, you used to see the URL to copy&paste in the navigation bar. But progress now consists of making things more difficult. But we resist with a bit of thinking ;-)
Simply use an action that will make the program recurse (call itself) by URL such as clicking "Dutch version" and back to "French version" or conversely. You will find cn in the link or in the navigation bar if you click the link.

Refined URLs, such as one going to anchor for chapter IV can be copied from the link, pasted and called:
and then simplified by removing the unneeded (maybe confidential) search-related parameters:
You see that only &caller and &fromtab are required in addition to #anchor.

Contacts with local authorities


There is a license agreement for using data of AGIV. This agency is maintaining GIS information for all kind of Flemish authorities. The AGIV aerial imagery and AGIV GRB base map can be consulted and used as background layer (you can add the WMS URLs in JOSM, they are loaded to iD by default). The GRB base map contains geographical information about parcels, buildings, roads, waters, rivers and railways. The AGIV aerial imaginary is more recent and more detailed then the Bing arial imaginary. The AGIV-CRAB-database of addresses is open for the import of house numbers in OSM (via a JOSM application).

Brussels Capital Region

We have urbis \o/ ... see the Brussels Capital Region page


See the specific page

This might be use to convince authorities [2]


  • Contact the local authorities of densely mapped areas to ask if they have any procedure to inform organisations or people of changes in their jurisdiction (new streets are added, street names changed,...). They need to inform the post, emergency and other services so maybe they could inform OSM as well or provide a webpage or RSS feed with these data? Interested OSMers could then investigate these areas and map the new parts. This will be one of the major tasks when an area is mapped. This idea was taken from Mikel's mail at the Talk archives.
  • The public transportation company De Lijn offer access to bus stops online. They have been contacted, but no response has been received yet. --Gyrbo 22:14, 5 January 2008 (UTC)
  • DATS24 offers a complete list of all their gas stations (with GPS coördinates). I've contacted them if we may use this list. --Lithion 15:02, 6 Februari 2008 (UTC)

Mapping Parties/Events

Most activities are organized through the Meetup page [3].

Older discussion about activities was in the talk page.

All (new) activities should go on the Activities page. The talk page there can be used to discuss events.

External maps

External links

Unless explicitly specified otherwise, these sources are subject to a license not compatible with the OpenStreetMap license ODbL :

Quality control

  • Wiki quality assurance page. On this page you can find many explanations to the tools that can be used to have better quality in OpenStreetMap