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Quick start

Note for members of OSGeo and some universities in Austria and Germany: your institution has a Matrix server (OSGeo example) where you can log in and join the OSM chats.

  • Join the Matrix-messaging-logo.png OpenStreetMap space and browse the room list. Your community may have many rooms, bridged to different networks.
  • Other rooms are on IRC (OFTC) at this list:
    • Open the link and adapt the room name #osm accordingly. Matrix-messaging-logo.png
    • Replying to a message, or editing your own message, looks ugly to the IRC users. Just mention the user name, rather than clicking Reply.
    • IRC has no concept of deleting a message.
    • (optional) If you need advanced usage of IRC, such as changing the nickname, see here.

Optional tips:

  • Clicking Join on the Matrix-messaging-logo.png OpenStreetMap space will group together all OSM-related community chats and private chats under a single button (most chat apps have a collapsible panel at the left).
  • Create new spaces (private to you, private to your team, public) to organize group chats and direct messages.
  • Create private chats with yourself to follow the QA or forum RSS feeds (see below) or to take personal notes.
  • Private chats between users are not possible across most bridges, for example Telegram.

Support and questions:

Usage and setup

You can skip reading this section and go to the chat list below.

Client choice

 Matrix is a decentralized communication protocol (a generic publish-subscribe HTTPS REST API, whose message format is JSON), which also serves as the common language of the largest federation of chat servers in the world. A bridge bot is still required for a small number of large,  vendor lock-in-suffering chat networks, until Europe's Digital Markets Act forces them to expose interoperable APIs, following the principle that technological diversity fosters a healthy ecosystem, but lack of interoperability fragments the community and hampers market competition and end product quality.

You can live without installation, just follow the room links in your web browser. For maximum comfort, you can optionally install any client from the list.

  • Like OSM editors, there are a few very famous clients and a lot of minor clients, but there is no "best client" and it's common in the Matrix world to log into 3+ clients for the fun of trying.
  • Like OSM editors, what's difficult, bugged, or missing in a client may be the strong point of another client. Clients are interoperable: they use different techniques under the hood to perform the exact same user-visible tasks.
  • Features of common usage that are not yet perfect on all the mainstream clients:
    • Spaces have a good UI in Element Web and Element Android (i.e. the reference implementations by the people who make Matrix) and in SchildiChat. FluffyChat has little and ugly support for spaces.
    • Selecting more than one message at the same time, to copy-paste into your personal notes: currently supported by Element Web and FluffyChat.
    • Searching past messages: currently requires to be online in Element Android, Element Web, SchildiChat.
    • Threads: currently requires to be online in Element Android, Element Web, SchildiChat; FluffyChat shows them also when offline, but as normal replies.


  • To subscribe the QA RSS feeds, use Element's Integration manager's RSS bot (instructions here). Group chats are supported. For QA feeds of personal/limited use (for example, the recent edits in your neighbourhood) you can make a private chat with yourself and add the integration bot to this chat. Another example is following
  • You can follow topics and replies from a category in the Discourse forum with the same technique as for any RSS feed, or with a custom bot (like OSM FR).

Making a bridge

Slack, Telegram and other semi-closed networks need explicit action by an admin of the Matrix chatroom and an admin of the non-Matrix chatroom. A bot joins both rooms and copy-pastes the messages. For instructions, contact valor naram.

Chat list

General chats

Chats possibly focusing on some topics of global (non-regional) interest.

Chat Interest Chat Name Description / websites
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International World Chat Group IRC world channel, also available at #osm
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International OpenStreetMap space OSM public space, partial listing of all Matrix-related OSM Matrix stuff.
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International Local Chapters & Communities Working Group public chat Bridged with IRC and Telegram.
osmf:Local Chapters and Communities Working Group
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Cultural spheres OSM Cultural Spheres Group This group is for discussing and considering cultural similarities and differences in contributing to OSM maps and wiki.(And for OSM contributors with limited English proficiency) Bridged to Telegram @OSM_cultural.
Matrix-messaging-logo.png off topic OSM Off-topic For discussion of stuff unrelated to OSM, because talking about OSM in an OSM server is overrated. Part of the space. Bridged with the OSM World Discord server
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International HOT OSM Humanitarian Open Mapping space Wiki
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Veganism OSM Vegan Coordinated effort to map places that offer plant-based options in OpenStreetMap. This room is bridged to Telegram.
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Infrastructure OSM Infrastructure Infrastructure mapping (power, telecoms, etc). Bridged to #osm-infrastructure

Chats for certain applications or services

Such as web applications, certain mapping providers etc.

Chat Interest Topic Description / websites
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International JOSM Official support, bridged with IRC
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International OSM JOSM Bridged with Discord
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International Organic Maps Unofficial channel for Organic Maps, bridged with the official Telegram group

Matrix-messaging-logo.png English chat
Matrix-messaging-logo.png French chat
Matrix-messaging-logo.png German chat

International OsmAnd Unofficial space for OsmAnd bridged to the official Telegram groups.
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International Overpass Bridged with Discord (which Discord server?)
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International uMap (new room)
Matrix-messaging-logo.png International uMap (old room, still operational)

Local community chats by continent / country

This is a partial list - please add channels as you find them.

You can also find these channels using the Belgian rendering of the OSM Community Index.


Link to chat Country City Chat Description Website
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Africa Africa Bridged to Telegram and Slack.


Link to chat Country City Chat Description Website
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Latin America OSM Latin America Linked with Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Argentina OpenStreetMapAR
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Bolivia OpenStreetMap Bolivia Bridged with Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Chile OpenStreetMap Chile Linked with Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Mexico OpenStreetMap Mexico
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Nicaragua MapaNica Bridged with Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Peru OpenStreetMap Perú
Matrix-messaging-logo.png United States OpenStreetMap US


Link to chat Country City Chat Description Website
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Asia OSM Asia IRC channel, also reachable at #osm-asia. Bridged with Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png India OSM India Linked to Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png India Kerala OSM Kerala Linked to Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png India Bengaluru OpenStreetMap Bengaluru Linked to Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Malaysia Openstreetmap Malaysia
Matrix-messaging-logo.png South Korea
North Korea
Openstreetmap Korea Bridged with Telegram


Link to chat Country City Chat Description Website
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Austria OSM Austria Linked with #osm-de
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Belgium OSM Belgium Linked with #osmbe
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Catalan Countries OSM Catalan Countries Linked with Telegram Catalan Project
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Czech Republic OSM CZ Linked with IRC, Jabber, Telegram and Discord
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Finland OpenStreetMap Finland Bridged to IRCNet #osm-fi and Telegram
The space Matrix-messaging-logo.png

The chat Matrix-messaging-logo.png

France OSM FR Bridged with Discord, IRC, Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Germany OSM Deutschland Linked with #osm-de
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Germany Berlin OSM Berlin / Brandenburg
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Germany Berlin OSM Berlin / Brandenburg Verkehrswende Berlin/Verkehrswende
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Greece OpenStreetMap Greece
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Hungary OSM Hungary General chat
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Hungary OSM Hungary Software development coordination
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Italy OpenStreetMap Italia Say hello and you will be invited to the Telegram-bridged community chat
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Italy OpenStreetMap Italia Space of the Italian rooms
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Kosovo OpenStreetMap Kosovo Bridged with Telegram
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Norway OSM Norway Linked with #osm-no
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Poland OSM Poland
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Russia OSM Russia
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Spain OSM Spain Bridged with IRC, Telegram, Slack
Matrix-messaging-logo.png Ukraine OSM UA


Link to chat Country City Chat Description Website
... ... ... ... ... ...

Bridges to other networks

This is a partial list - please add channels as you find them.

Matrix-messaging-logo.png International OpenStreetMap World The chats on the Discord server "OSM World" are bridged to the Matrix chats found in this space.