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Malaysia, Southeastern Asia
latitude: 4.204, longitude: 109.171
Browse map of Malaysia 4°12′14.40″ N, 109°10′15.60″ E
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Malaysia is a country in Southeastern Asia at latitude 4°12′14.40″ North, longitude 109°10′15.60″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.


Hello and welcome to WikiProject Malaysia!

New to OpenStreetMap? You may find that the Beginners' Guide is useful as a stepping stone to further get involved in OpenStreetMap.

Questions? Discussions? You are invited to join the official OpenStreetMap community forum. The Malaysian community forum is also there, so feel free to post anything related (not spam though). In addition, OpenStreetMap Q&A based help forum is another channel to get a fast response.

This page roughly gives some hint about the specific ways to tag a lot of stuff in the Malaysian context. To maintain the map quality over Malaysia with respect to the rest of the world, there should be some sort of convention. Any constructive feedback is really appreciated, do speak your mind in the Malaysian community forum!

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These pages describe the conventions to tag Malaysian highways, waterways, names, etc.

Data Sources

For more details on this topic, see WikiProject Malaysia/Data Sources and Contribute map data.

As a kind reminder, besides your knowledge, these are the other sources that can be used to put data into OpenStreetMap.

Permitted data sources

Please make full use of anything that comes with the editor. It doesn't hurt to read more about these, in fact, it may help you save a lot of time in the future.

Forbidden data sources

   DO NOT    copy from these sources - even names of things! This can lead to troubles like this. Anything that says something like "copyright reserved" is definitely not OK.

  • Google Maps, Google Satellite, Google Earth and Google Street View[1]‍‍[2]‍‍[3]
  • Waze[4]
  • HERE Maps[5]
  • Geodata from Wikipedia[6]
  • Wikimapia[7]
  • Malfreemaps[8] or Malsingmaps[9]

Routable Maps of Malaysia

There are routable maps generated from OSM data for use in certain kind of devices. Listed here are some examples that provide the service.

Platform Coverage Target Devices
Geofabrik (daily update) Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei OpenStreetMap data (osm.bz2, osm.pbf)
Lambertus's routable maps for Garmin devices Worldwide Garmin devices, Mapsource
Web browsers
e.g. Open Source Routing Machine; its wiki page (updates every 12 hours)
Worldwide Modern Web browsers
iOS e.g. GPS Navigation & Maps app Malaysia (GPS Navigation & Maps) At least iOS 7
Android devices e.g. OsmAnd app Malaysia (OsmAnd) At least Android 2.3

DIY conversion tools

  • Osm2mp - Converts OpenStreetMap data into Polish map format (MP).
  • mkgmap - Converts OpenStreetMap data into Garmin img map (IMG). Mkgmap wiki.


Recommended readings

The followings are recommended readings for everyone

OSM related links


Other Malaysian mapping communities

  • Malfreemaps - Malaysia and Singapore free [Garmin] maps project
  • Malsingmaps - [Garmin] GPS Portal of Malaysia and Singapore
  • - Malaysia open source maps