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Penang, Malaysia

latitude: 5.3535, longitude: 100.3629
Browse map of Penang 5°21′12.60″ N, 100°21′46.44″ E
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Penang is a state in Malaysia at latitude 5°21′12.60″ North, longitude 100°21′46.44″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

This is the page of the Penang Editing Guide, as well as a discussion page for editing maps of Penang on OSM.


Firstly, please go to your account setting page, scroll to the end and click on the link to make all your edits public. This will make other you visible and accessible to other people, so we can better coordinate the effort to map Penang roads.

Secondly, please read the Editing Standards and Conventions page. Specifically, motorways (called highways in Penang and Malaysia) must be laid down as two ways for each highway: one for each direction. In addition, there must be two paired notes parallel to each other. If any important road (such as trunk or primary) is divided in the middle, and there are more than two lanes for each direction, then use the same convention as motorways for placing nodes.

Only lay down nodes, segments and ultimately ways for places and roads where GPS data is available.

If you have no idea on the method of mapping particular streets, or some special cases, it's best to download an area where mapping has been done and refer to the convention. You could also contact one of the people who has mapped the area and ask them for help.

Proposed Penang Road Classification

If you refer to the slow PeGIS (Autodesk MapGuide Viewer required) by the Penang Government, all the roads should follow the colour codes:

Penang Road Classification
Colour Malay English Proposed OSM highway tag
Green Lebuhraya Expressway motorway
Red Jalan Persekutuan Federal Road trunk
Blue Jalan Utama Negeri Primary State Road primary
Indigo Jalan Sekunder Secondary Road secondary
Purple Jalan Perbandaran Municipal Road tertiary
Black Jalan Tempatan District Road tertiary or residential

There might be some overlaps between which highway tag to use for particular road. For example, Jalan Masjid Negeri could be seen as a very important, trunk or primary road to road users. PeGIS classify it as Jalan Perbandaran, which is a tertiary road. However, the highway tag is for the relative importance, not for administrative purposes (from the mailing list). We will have to look into that.

I propose that unclassified tag should only be used for non-tarred roads or tracks (such as agriculture use tracks).

In addition to that, please have a look at Malaysian Roads Tagging for more information and reference.

Wikipedia also has a good article on the translation between English street classification and Malay ones.


The following offset has been used for Bing imagery of Penang Island on JOSM: 10.43; 2.13

To Do List:

1. Write better Wiki and Guides for absolute newbies

2. Coordinate our effort, Edit this wiki

3. Get more GPS tracklog for Penang roads

4. Upload coastline data

5.Update maps by using the newest Digital Globe espacially in Seberang Perai.

More people knowing and contributing to this project would be great. However, I think we need to coordinate our effort first before getting more people to edit.

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