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This article lists bus routes in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Many bus stops are mapped but the route relation is missing.


Refer to PTv2 in Public_transport and Buses.

Current state of bus network mapping

Listed by operators then route numbers. You can change sorting by clicking on the column headers.

Ref Name Operator Route master Routes Status Notes
146B 146B Selangor Omnibus relation 0 relation 2662847 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking. One way with gaps.
147 147 Selangor Omnibus relation 0 relation 2662848 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking. One way with gaps.
421 421: Taman Dagang => Bukit Bintang RapidKL relation 11315062 East relation 1824556
West relation 11315061
Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
450 450 :-> Kajang - KL RapidKL relation 11750018 North relation 11626365
South relation 11698700
Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
650 650: Taman Desa -> Hab Pasar Seni RapidKL relation 0 relation 9130337 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking
708 708: Bdr Damansara -> Klang RapidKL relation 11791912 East relation 11779671
West relation 11496226
Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
780 780: Kota Damansara - Pasar Seni RapidKL relation 12310846 East relation 11911773
West relation 12310845
Routing (2/4)Stops (2/4) One way completed. Westbound to be completed
788 Stesen MRT Sungai Jernih RapidKL relation 0 relation 8289613 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking. Not rendering on OPNV
B1 BRT Sunway Line RapidKL relation 0 relation 11549145 Routing (2/4)Stops (2/4) One way route need checking, also around stations
B103 B103 RapidKL relation 0 relation 1825769 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4) Obsolete to be deleted
B114 B114 RapidKL relation 0 relation 1858056 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4) Obsolete to be deleted
T302 T302: Hutan Lipur Ampang => Ampang Point RapidKL relation 11260697 East relation 11257432
West relation 11260696
Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
T305 T305: MRT Tmn Midah => Sri Nilam RapidKL relation 11380210 East relation 11380209
West relation 11380208
Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
T327 Taman Shamelin - Maluri RapidKL relation 0 relation 3459861 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking
T462 T462: MRT Kajang => Seksyen 8 Bangi RapidKL relation 11276050 Loop relation 11276050 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
T527 T527 Subang Mas - Seksyen 15 RapidKL relation 0 relation 31301 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking
T528 Sri Muda to Shah Alam RapidKL relation 0 relation 2893317 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking
U64 U64 RapidKL relation 0 relation 2741217 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4) Obsolete to be deleted
U80 Shah Alam - Pasar Seni RapidKL relation 0 relation 3315020 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4) Obsolete to be deleted
U81 Subang - KL RapidKL relation 0 relation 3178272 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking (now part of 780)
PJ02 PJ Free Bus MBPJ relation 0 relation 4764513 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking, route not complete
AJ2A AJ2B: Sri Nilam => AEON => Hospital Ampang Smart Selangor relation 11211669 Loop relation 11211669 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) Operator Smart Selangor not MPAJ.
AJ2B AJ2B: Sri Nilam => AEON => Hospital Ampang Smart Selangor relation 11249169 Loop relation 11249169 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) Operator Smart Selangor not MPAJ.
KLG1 KLG1: Jalan Batu Tiga Lama - Taman Bayu Perdana Smart Selangor relation 12046127 Loop relation 12046127 Routing (3/4)Stops (1/4) Ways completed. Stops partial.
PURPLE GOKL Purple Line GOKL relation 0 relation 6476228 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking.
RED GOKL Red Line GOKL relation 0 relation 6477886 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking.
BLUE GOKL Blue Line GOKL relation 0 relation 6477887 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking.
GREEN GOKL Green Line GOKL relation 0 relation 6479785 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking.
GREEN Hop-on Hop-off Bus - Garden Route (Green Line) Elang Wah relation 0 relation 11117854 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) Need checking. Ref "GREEN" overlaps with GOKL GREEN Line. Need changing.

Legends for Symbols & Colours

Symbol Meaning
Routing Route status
Stops Stops status
Colour Meaning To do
RoutingStops The map data is unknown Please verify and/or complete
Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4) The map contains no or little data Please complete
Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) The map contains partial data Please complete
Routing (2/4)Stops (2/4) The map is largely complete (please describe missing data) Please complete
Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) The map is complete (in the opinion of a mapper) Please check and correct any errors
Routing (4/4)Stops (4/4) The map is complete (verified by 2 mappers). Indicate Date when checked Please update as needed
Routing (X/4)Stops (X/4) The map data is present, but the route no longer exist. Please remove the route data

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