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Let me introduce myself

I develop software/websites/webapps in my free time. I am active in politics & various different projects. You can reach me by sending me an e-mail to I'm encouraging mappers to use right and official tagging schemes, to make a proposal when inventing a new key/tag and to consult the wiki. I also want to raise awareness about working together with data customers/developers: Mappers should document what they do and not doing something undocumented what nobody else understands.

For users seeking help e.g. beginners

For beginners and interested users I offer individual tutorials and group tutoring. I will use jitsi for that because it does not require any registration, offers screen sharing, audio conference and works in all major browsers and on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. It's also free.

More about it here

My Activities in OSM

My Proposals

Proposed features/baby changing tables

Discussions/tagging/contact:phone or phone

My helpers

Valor Naram/contact/prevent tag fragmention

Tag meta data

Since we are not only a project maintaining data about objects existing in real life but also existing ones but sightly different ones in the metaverse we also need to take care of these and raise awareness of the so-called "Data Items". With data items we describe the keys and some standardized values used to map real existing objects like restaurants and shops. This data items need also to be maintained but are incredible useful for scientists and developers. Possible use case of them are the following:

  • End user applications can support all contact:* subkeys at ones without the developer having to actively add code to support all of these. That enables apps to display also less used communication channels like Mastotom to the end user. At the end developers can foster diversity, inclusion, fair competition on the market (also networks with less users get a real chance to get big) by using machine generated "features" like it is being done in low code environments. This way developers can control what users see, think and do in a good diverse inclusive way. Developers can take part in a progress to make society more aware to diversity and inclusion and can switch minds by allowing diverse & inclusive ways of using apps and the information got from these.
  • [...]

To start with journey and to help developers to create a friendly, inclusive and diverse environment I will create SPARQL queries forsting diversity & inclusion and list them on a subpage of this for everyone to use them.


I created Overpass QL queries for everyone free of charge to improve the OSM database through validation. There's a lot of garbage out there that needs to be cleaned. You search them throw Overpass Turbo and correct the objects which aren't properly tagged.

and be sure to have a look at the Automated_Edits_code_of_conduct which also includes use of find-and-replace functionality using a standard editor such as JOSM or finding using services such as Overpass API and changing without reviewing cases individually; and which applies if you do not review every case individually. --Dieterdreist (manually added by Valor Naram, not a signature)
This depends on how my queries are used. But anyway I do edits like correcting opening hours syntax without verifying the correctness of the opening hour tagged in OSM (I do not do that often and not systematically). And here I just validate the key and not the content which is a sightly difference. My queries are not about content, they are about how they are tagged. You cannot ban this behaviour because OSM is a co-working project. I also contact people privately and tell them what were wrong with their edits (if I have the time to do so). --Valor Naram (talk) 10:50, 22 November 2019 (UTC)