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Kosovo, Europe

latitude: 42.5672, longitude: 20.9035
boundary: 2088990, label: 4366234392
Browse map of Kosovo 42°34′01.92″ N, 20°54′12.60″ E
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Logo of OSM Kosova.
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Kosovo is a country in Europe at latitude 42°34′01.92″ North, longitude 20°54′12.60″ East.


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To Do's

Help needed

  • Need people to help on mapping Kosovo!
    Nevojiten njerëz për të ndihmuar hartografimin e qyteteve të Kosovës.
  • Please register on this wiki page and enter your OpenStreetMap wiki user name here if you are interested!
    Ju lutemi të regjistroheni në këtë wiki faqe dhe shkruani emrin e përdoruesit tuaj të OpenStreetMap wiki këtu, nëse jeni të interesuar!

To Do's

  • Add points of interest (restaurants, shops, etc.) to the map.
  • Add land use tags (farmland, industrial area, commercial area, forest, meadow, etc).
  • Add names of city suburbs / neighborhoods.
  • Add buildings (houses, schools, gov. buildings, etc).
  • Add historic buildings/sites that are missing. A good source for the data is the "Database of Cultural Heritage of Kosovo", which is found here:
  • Write letter in SQ to encourage organizations to switch to OSM.
  • Add to streetview imagery to Mapillary and OpenStreetCam.
  • Translate into Albanian:
  • Establish a national chapter.

Street names and geometries

Streets around the Pristina hackerspace, with KCA roads behind the OSM data. Note the missing names in the middle and missing roads on the right.

The Kosovo community has recently obtained street names and geometries from the Kosovo Cadastral Agency . KCA and the local NGO FLOSSK have signed a memorandum of understanding to allow this data to be used in OpenStreetMap.

Join the ongoing work to import this data.


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What is done


Sources of information

Sample letters


  • The Kosovo community can be reached on Telegram:
  • The said community can also be reached on Matrix: . The Matrix group is bridged with the one on Telegram so you don't miss anything. (If registering to Matrix, then consider to use another home server than the official one from the Matrix Foundation because it lacks behind)
  • Low activity Kosovo mailing list
  • OSM Forum users:Kosovo

Kaart Mapping

Kaart conducts ground surveys for improvements to OSM data. A list of editors can be found on the Kaart wiki page.

  • Mapillary imagery from the Kosovo drive can be viewed here.

Pristina (January, 2019)

Ground Focus
  • Primary focus was on adding names to streets where there was no available data in OSM.
  • Most streets had a label of one format or another. There were either street signs on corners, or street names were gathered using address plaques on homes.
Post Processing
  • Our in-house editing team reviewed all footage gathered during the Pristina ground survey.
  • We updated a substantial amount of geometry and added road attributes to include surfaces, lanes, relations, turn lanes, POI's, and updates to classifications.
Suggested Community Edits
  • Street names need to be updated with current data as official name changes are currently underway.
  • We were pleased to meet with several editors in the Kosovo community and look forward to continually working together to keep improving the road network and OSM as a whole in Kosovo.

The ground survey of Pristina was conducted by Kaart Team members pizzagal and LSkalayo.