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Mapping of walking and/or biking routes must be restricted to routes signposted by an official tourism agency that is assigning the node numbers, if any, and writing them to the signs.

Long distance routes (GR)

Mark for a GR route

GR footpaths (Grote Routepaden [1] in Dutch or Grande Randonnée [2] in French) are signed with the usual red/white signs, and can also be found in large parts in western Europe.

Tagging examples (for relations):

Tags Description


The GR 5 path, which runs from Bergen op Zooom in the Netherlands to Nice in France.


The GR AE path which runs from the Ardennes to the Eifel.

RAVeL network

The RAVeL (Réseau Autonome de Voies Lentes) network stretches across Wallonia [3]. These routes are for walking, cycling, horse riding and skating. They're currently tagged as cycle routes (see here, but will need walking route tags as well once.

Walking node networks

A junction in the walking node network of Scheldeland
A sign marking the route you have to follow to a junction in Klein-Brabant

Since the cycle node networks were such a success, walking node networks also started appearing in some places. They work entirely the same as the cycle node networks, but only cover small areas.

The way of tagging is almost the same. A node is tagged like:

Tags Description


A "35" node in the network.

The routes between the nodes are created with relations like:

Tags Description


A route between two nodes. The "note" and "operator" keys are optional. Do not use the "ref" tags, they cause a rendering mess.

When the routes follow different roads in both directions between two nodes, use the proper "forward" and "backward" roles for each relation member. See Relations/Routes for details.

Information on more complex tagging situation (for example two nodes with same node number) can be found on the dutch OSM forum or applied from the extensive article on cycle networks, which to a degree follow the same logic.

Local walking routes

Many walking routes are signed with these small arrows
But the routes are complemented with six-sided signs like this giving the name and distance

With local walking routes we generally mean all other walking routes, which usually make a loop back to its starting point, and can therefore be seen as the same type of route as the themed cycle routes.

Categorizing them may be hard, since every municipality seems to have their own way of signing. Furthermore some other organizations have also put signs all over Belgium. An overview of the local walking routes in Flanders can be found here and for Wallonia here.

Tagging schema:

Tag Description and examples
route=hiking Sometimes route=foot is used. No consensus is reached on this. Probably doesn't matter much, as data consumers would look for both.

If applicable. In Wallonia, walking routes are given a reference, which can be found here under "Les itinéraires reconnus". For example: TE10 from column "Code"


For example "33. Chicheux", taken from "Nom Promenade" in the above referenced document, including any sign ID on website.


For example : route page URL


For example


For Wallonie, the name in the column "Concepteur" in the above referenced document "Les itinéraires reconnus" is taken and it's URL. (SI Theux

For Flanders, this can be Natuurpunt or Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen for example.


red:white:red_stripe see waymarkedtrails' help osmc, see Tarpan maps?


In km, decimal separator is a dot, without unit. For example: 5.5


Only if applicable. When the routes are one direction only, use the proper "forward" and "backward" roles for each relation member. See Relations/Routes for details.

Tagging examples:

Tags Description


The Geitepad ("Goat path"), a walking route in Wilrijk in Antwerp


The markup of local touristic walking routes is strictly ruled by the regional decree of 1 April 2004 (amended 2005-07-20 and 2008-10-23). Valid colours are red, yellow, blue and green. The routes are globally administered by the CGT (Commissariat Général du Tourisme). More information and links to decrees and annexes on its page: Les itinéraires touristiques balisés

See also :

Flanders: coloured symbols on a white hexagonal plate

Signs of Natuurpunt walking routes

Natuurpunt has a large number of local walking routes all over Flanders. The routes have one or several information signs with the name of the route, and the signs with arrows have, next to a colour, also a shape, like a rectangle or triangle. In some cases a logo is used, like the "Aardgas" logo.

The routes should be tagged like the other local walking routes above, but should have an additional symbol=* tag, next to colour=*.

This is the list of possible values for the symbol=* tag:

Belgium walkingroutes natuurpunt redsquare.svg symbol=square colour=red osmc:symbol=red:white:red_rectangle
Belgium walkingroutes natuurpunt bluerectangle.svg symbol=rectangle colour=blue osmc:symbol=blue:white:blue_bar
Belgium walkingroutes natuurpunt greentriangle.svg symbol=triangle colour=green osmc:symbol=green:white:green_triangle
Belgium walkingroutes natuurpunt yellowdisk.svg symbol=disk colour=yellow osmc:symbol=yellow:white:yellow_dot
Belgium walkingroutes natuurpunt aardgas.svg symbol=aardgas (*)

(*) when the route is signed with this logo, you shouldn't use the colour=* tag.

Similarly many routes (e.g. those of the 'Regionale Landschappen') are marked with these signs:

Belgium walkingroutes hexgreenrectangle.svg symbol=rectangle colour=green osmc:symbol=green:white:green_bar name=* Groene rechthoek
Belgium walkingroutes hexbluediamond.svg symbol=diamond colour=blue osmc:symbol=blue:white:blue_diamond name=* Blauwe ruit
Belgium walkingroutes hexorangedisk.svg symbol=disk colour=orange osmc:symbol=orange:white:orange_dot name=* Oranje bol
Belgium walkingroutes hexredtriangle.svg symbol=triangle colour=red osmc:symbol=red:white:red_triangle name=* Rode driehoek
Belgium walkingroutes hexyellowhexagon.svg symbol=hexagon colour=yellow osmc:symbol=yellow:white:yellow_hexagon name=* Gele zeshoek
Belgium walkingroutes hexpurpletrapezium.svg symbol=trapezium colour=purple osmc:symbol=purple:white:purple_trapezium (*) name=* Paarse trapezium
Belgium walkingroutes hexpurpleboat.svg symbol=boat colour=purple osmc:symbol=purple:white:purple_boat (*) name=* Paarse boot
Belgium walkingroutes hexbrowncross.svg symbol=cross colour=brown osmc:symbol=brown:white:brown_x name=* Bruin kruis (**)

Some examples of names: Oudsberg Rode driehoek, Mechelse Heide Blauwe ruit, ...

(*) The trapezium and boat are not yet supported on Waymarkedtrails.

(**) Only when it is a proper walking route <-> aanlooproute, verbinding

Pilgrim's paths

In Flanders the Compostelagenootschap is currently working out paths for pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela. More info about the workgroup here. The paths should be signed sometime in 2009.