Road signs in Belgium

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On these pages, we tried try to make a complete list of Belgian traffic signs, and how to map them properly. These pages suggests tags based on what traffic signs mean. However, traffic signs are installed by people, who can make mistakes. If a traffic sign is clearly conflicting with reality, map reality. Please contact the local or regional government to report the wrong traffic sign.

Each sign ID is both an anchor and a link that you can copy to make an internal / external reference to the sign.

Some signs do not make sense on the map, like many of the indication signs. They have "n/a" ("not applicable") in the tags column.

The traffic signs and corresponding tagging can be found on sub pages per category:

Road signs in Belgium/A Warning signs

Road signs in Belgium/B Priority signs

Road signs in Belgium/C Prohibitory signs

Road signs in Belgium/D Mandatory signs

Road signs in Belgium/E Parking signs

Road signs in Belgium/F Direction and information signs

Road signs in Belgium/M Extra signs

Signs in nature reserves

Weird and sometimes illegal road signs, as spotted in the wild

Did you know we automatically detect new traffic signs in Flanders and put them in MapRoulette? More info here.