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This is a list of websites in Belgium using OSM baselayer and/or data.

OSMBE baselayer

OSMBE provides its own baselayers : or

Usage policy

We require that you use the credit “© OpenStreetMap contributors” (see and credit GEO-6 for the hosting of the baselayers (


Name Link Attribution
Kaleo OK
Wandelen in Limburg OK
SEVESO risk (Crisis Center) OK
Mailing Maker (bpost) OK (own copy)
Address validation (bpost) Een adres valideren
Valider une adresse
GEO-6 attribution missing

Other baselayer

Usage policy

We require that you use the credit “© OpenStreetMap contributors” (see

Warning: OpenStreetMap data is free for everyone to use. Our tile servers are not. (see


When you see a copyright violation, please take action. Contact them yourself or send a message to . See your message as a chance to build a relationship, not as a policing effort. Some example letters you can take from: by joost schouppe [1] and m!dgard [2]

Name Link Attribution Source Status
Interactieve ongevallenkaart (Federale Politie) OK CARTO
Meld- en Infopunt Routedokter (Provincie Antwerpen) OK EasyGIS
Wegenwerken (Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer) OK Own server
Onroerend Erfgoed OK GeoFabrik
irCELine Incomplete Jonathan sent a mail
ASBL Réseau de Consommateurs Responsables OK Stamen
Parc naturel Haute-Sûre Forêt d'Anlier Missing
Open Data Vlaanderen* OK Joost sent 2018-07-26, and again because of pages like this on 2019-06-20
Wandelen in Limburg OK Belgium tiles Joost sent 2018-06-10, reminder 2018-12-06, fixed 2018-12-20
Stadsplan Hasselt Missing Joost sent 2018-06-10, reminder 2018-12-06, second reminder 2019-03-07
VisuRUS app by De Vlaamse Waterweg Playstore link Missing Mapbox Joost sent 2018-07-26. They will fix, and their website is OK
Flibco website (bus transport company) Fixed juminet sent 2018-07-26, reminder Joost sent tweet (2019-03-07)
Belgian Luxembourg tourism agency Fixed Wikimedia maps service juminet sent 2018-12-03, fixed 2018-12-10.
Aalter street map Fixed
Gouden Gids Fixed Glenn tweeted and Joost sent 2018-12-06
Dashboard Verkeerscentrum Gent Fixed Seppe sent 2019-01-03, fixed 2019-01-04 (!) Locatiewijzer Fixed Geodan s8evq sent 2018-12-12 Missing Mapbox Jakka sent 2018-12-16, s8evq reminder 2019-01-27, 2019-07-15
Visit Gent - car rental Changed the map Gent data Joost sent 2019-3-14; they changed to their own basemap
Mobigis Map Viewer Missing CARTO Nothing yet
Stad Kortrijk OK Nothing yet
ENGIE Electrabel Fixed N/A Joost sent by mail on 2019-08-13
Liege Tourisme Missing Nothing yet
Spiderspotter (not for people with fear of spiders) Missing tiles Nothing yet