Road signs in Belgium/A Warning signs

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A Warning signs

Sign Image Description Tags
A1a Belgian road sign A1a.svg

Dangerous left curve (about 150m after the sign)

A1b Belgian road sign A1b.svg

Dangerous right curve (about 150m after the sign)

A1c Belgian road sign A1c.svg

Left curve followed by right curve (about 150m after the sign)

A1d Belgian road sign A1d.svg

Right curve followed by left curve (about 150m after the sign)

A3 Belgium-trafficsign-a3 10.svg

Steep descent (about 150m after the sign)

A5 Belgium-trafficsign-a5 10.svg

Steep ascent (about 150m after the sign)


Belgium-trafficsign-a7 both.svg

Belgium-trafficsign-a7 left.svg

Belgium-trafficsign-a7 right.svg

Road narrows (about 150m after the sign)

Sometimes traffic_calming=chicane or traffic_calming=choker on part of the way (this sign can be used for other kinds of narrowing than traffic calming)

A9 Belgian road sign A9.svg

Moveable bridge (about 150m after the sign)

A11 Belgian road sign A11.svg

Quay or river bank ahead (about 150m after the sign)

A13 Belgian road sign A13.svg

Bumpy road (about 150m after the sign)

A14 Belgium-trafficsign-a14.svg

Speed bump (about 150m after the sign)

Depending on the type of speed bump, add either traffic_calming=bump, traffic_calming=hump, traffic_calming=table or traffic_calming=cushion. See wiki for more details.

There is a maximum speed limit of 30 km/h on all kinds of traffic calming speed bumps, if they are indicated by signs A14 and F87, or if they are located on an intersection and indicated by sign A14. (law nl fr). Technically, it's not necesary to map this maxspeed=* as it's part of the Belgian default relation.

A15 Belgian road sign A15.svg

Slippery road (about 150m after the sign)
Possible extra sign: slippery road because of glazed frost or snow

A17 Belgian road sign A17.svg

Loose chippings (about 150m after the sign)

A19 Belgium-trafficsign-a19.svg

Falling rocks (about 150m after the sign)

A21 Belgium-trafficsign-a21.svg

Pedestrian crossing (about 150m after the sign)

highway=crossing and crossing_ref=zebra

A23 Belgian road sign A23.svg

Place where a lot of children come (about 150m after the sign)

A25 Belgium-trafficsign-a25.svg

Bicycle crossing (about 150m after the sign)

A27 Belgian road sign A27.svg

Wild animal crossing (about 150m after the sign)

A29 Belgian road sign A29.svg

Cattle crossing (about 150m after the sign)

A31 Belgian road sign A31.svg

Construction (about 150m after the sign)

A33 Belgium-trafficsign-a33.svg

Traffic lights (about 150m after the sign)

A35 Belgian road sign A35.svg

Low flying aircraft (about 150m after the sign)

A37 Belgian road sign A37.svg

Side wind (about 150m after the sign)

A39 Belgium-trafficsign-a39.svg

Two-way traffic after part with one-way traffic

A41 Belgium-trafficsign-a41.svg

Railway crossing with gates (about 150m after the sign)

railway=level_crossing and crossing:barrier=yes
A43 Belgian road sign A43.svg

Railway crossing without gates (about 150m after the sign)

railway=level_crossing and crossing:barrier=no
A45 Belgium-trafficsign-a45.svg

Railway with single track crossing

A47 Belgium-trafficsign-a47.svg

Railway with two or more tracks crossing

A49 Belgian road sign A49.svg

Tram crossing (about 150m after the sign)

A51 Belgium-trafficsign-a51.svg

Caution sign
A sign under it details the danger