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Porthmadog harbour 1.jpg
A man-made structure alongside navigable water used for loading and unloading vessels. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Man made
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de Kai
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fr quai
nl kade
it banchina

A  quay is a man made structure along the shoreline or along the bank of a river or canal designed to allow vessels of some size to moor alongside it. In an industrial harbour a quay may have cranes and other facilities to unload cargo. For passenger vessels it may have facilities for passengers to embark.

How to map

Either draw a way along the shoreline or bank, or map the quay as an area extending landwards from the water's edge. In both cases, first trace a way along the water's edge (defined by natural=water or natural=coastline) making sure the new way is connected to it. If you are mapping the quay as an area, extend this line landwards, draw a closed way, and add area=yes.

Tag the way with man_made=quay.

For named quays, consider adding name=*.


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