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Dry dock in Singapore.jpg
An enclosed area for ships or boats within which the height of the water can be managed, or a dry dock. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: waterways
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Status: de facto

The waterway=dock tag is used to identify an enclosed area for ships or boats within which the height of the water can be managed, or a dry dock where ships or boats are repaired

Caution: In North American English the term dock is also used for a pier for which the tag man_made=pier should be used.

How to map

Draw an area area or create a node node at the centre of the area and tag it with waterway=dock. Optionally also add a name=*, operator=*, wikipedia=* etc. In addition the dock tag can be used to indicate the type of dock:

  • dock=tidal – A dock with a consistent water level maintained by artifice in an otherwise tidal area, in order to make loading and offloading of ships easier, or to have a safe harbour in areas with a large tidal difference.
  • dock=drydock – A dock which can be emptied of water, useful for inspecting and maintaining otherwise submerged parts of ships.
  • dock=floating – Floating docks are usually a large floating structure with the purpose to lift a vessel out of the water for maintenance or inspections of the wet surface of the hull.

Note that "floating dock" may be used to refer to both an impounded tidal dock and a floating structure. See the relevant Wikipedia entries below for clarification.


Dry dock in Singapore

Barrow-in-Furness has two docks.

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