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Public-images-osm logo.svg network:type = node_network
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Indicates that the route is part of a network of nodes. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: routes
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysshould not be used on areasmay be used on relations
Status: de facto

This tag network:type=node_network is used on recreational route relations, node network relations and junction nodes to indicate they are part of a node network. A node network is a recreational route network consisting of labelled (with numbers, codes or names) junctions connected by node-to-node routes. Node networks for cycling and hiking are common in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In some other countries they are emerging. Node networks for horse riding, paddling (canoe), inline skating and motorboats are being developed.

For recreational routes including node networks, the key network=* is used to describe the scale and mode of transport, e.g. network=rcn describes a regional cycling network. network:type=* distinguishes node networks from other routes with the same network tag.

How is the node of the network mapped?

The following properties are added to the intersection node node

Tags Description
Number or code of the node in the node network, e.g. rcn_ref=09 or lwn_ref=W93
network:type=node_network Marks the node as part of a node network
etc. (optional)
Indicates the number of routes that begin or end at this node point. This enables missing routes to be identified.

All route relations of the specified node network are counted.

The rXn part changes for each modality, such as rcn for cycling, rwn for walking, rhn for horse riding and rpn for paddling.

The node must be selected in such a way that every journey from / to a neighbouring network node leads via this point.

Routes in the node network

Routes between nodes of a node network are tagged as routes with their own relation relation of the type type=route. These route relations have the following tags:

Tags Description
Modality, e.g. cycle route, walking route, horse riding route
network:type=node_network Marks the node as part of a node network
specifies the route as an regional route
ref=* (optional) Abbreviation of the connection. It should contain the associated node labels. When the labels are numbers: Put the node with the lower number at the beginning e.g. ref=27-86.
name=* (optional)

The rXn part changes for each modality, such as rcn for cycling, rwn for walking and rhn for horse riding.

For other modalities use the correct value for route=* and change rcn to the correct modality, such as rwn for hiking and rhn for horse riding.


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