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Japan road sign 208.svg
交通標識。道路の利用者に指示を与えたり、情報を提供したりするもの。 Edit or translate this description.
グループ: 道路
状態:事実上の標準Page for proposal


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traffic_sign=* タグは市町村境の標識やその他の交通標識をマッピングするために用います。




交通標識は、単一のノードやウェイ(または、適切であればエリア)のどちらかに traffic_sign=* をタグ付けすることでマッピングできます。


The implications of a traffic sign should always be tagged on the concerned section of the road itself as well. When mapping a speed limit sign for example: always add a maxspeed=* and a source:maxspeed=sign tag to the road itself.


It is possible to use a node which is part of a way, or to create a separate node beside the road. Both methods are used in practice.


Create a new node within the relevant way next to the sign. This method allows software algorithms which operate on ways (like e.g. routing algorithms) to consider the sign, but makes it impossible to know the exact position of the sign. A renderer can at best assume that the sign is located somewhere next to the road.

You can use traffic_sign:forward=* to specify that this sign affects vehicles moving in the same direction as the OSM way. The opposite direction can be tagged with traffic_sign:backward=*. Formerly the direction=* key has also been used to describe the affected direction. But its common meaning has changed to Relative to Geographic North.

Only the affected direction can only be specified by using nodes which are part of exactly one way ウェイ. Avoid junction nodes and nodes between two ways as well (where they have been split, but are connected by a node). If in doubt, better simply insert a new node into the way instead of using an existing one.


実際に標識が設置されている場所に道路の脇の別のノードを作成します。そうすると標識の物理的な位置をマッピングすることができますが、実際にどの道路や進行方向についての標識なのかを正確に推論することが難しくなります。Software algorithms which operate on ways will thus generally not be able to consider the traffic sign, but only the tags of the way instead.

You can use the direction=* tag to describe the facing orientation of the sign by using an angle or cardinal direction.


When tagged on a way or an area, the traffic_sign=* tag describes the traffic sign(s) that apply to that way or area. The tag is not meant to mark the actual position of the sign in this case, but the affected way or area instead. It should however be assumed that the physical location of the sign is at the beginning and / or the end of the affected section (but note that the affected section may be comprised of multiple ways within OSM).

You may use traffic_sign:forward=* to specify that this particular sign affects vehicles moving in the same direction as the way, or traffic_sign:backward=* to specify that the opposite direction is affected.


It is common to use both human-readable values (like city_limit) as well as national traffic sign IDs (like DE:310).

Multiple signs can be tagged by using different separators. Traffic signs which are unrelated to each other (like e.g. speed limit and no parking) are separated by semicolon ;. Related signs (like e.g. no entry plus except buses) are separated by comma ,.


要素 標識 コメント ウェイ上の追加タグ
city_limit ノード Japan road sign 101.svg City or village sign. zone:traffic=DE:urban
maxspeed ノード Japan road sign 323 (50).svg Maximum speed sign. Usually tagged as node although they're actually section-related signs. maxspeed=* + source:maxspeed=sign
stop ノード Japan road sign 330.svg Stop sign. Usually tagged as highway=stop instead. highway=stop (on a node)
give_way ノード Japan road sign 329-2.svg Give way sign. Usually tagged as highway=give_way instead. highway=give_way (on a node)
overtaking ノードウェイ Japan road sign 314.svg No overtaking sign. overtaking=no
maxwidth ノードウェイ Japan road sign 322.svg Maximum width sign. maxwidth=*
maxheight ノードウェイ Japan road sign 321.svg Maximum height sign. maxheight=*
maxweight ノードウェイ Japan road sign 320.svg Maximum weight sign. maxweight=*

標識の ID


  • 国の接頭辞は 2文字コードを使ってください。この接頭辞と標識をコロン : で区切ってください
  • 標識は公式なIDで表現してください。(訳注: 日本の標識はこちらにあります)
  • 関連しない複数の標識は、セミコロンで ; で区切ってください。
  • 関連する標識の場合、補助標識の ID は本標識の ID とカンマ , で区切ってください。
  • 交通標識に値が必要な場合、 ID の後で角かっこ [value] を使って値を入れることができます。小数点にはドット . を、負の値にはマイナス - を入れることができます。

国別の ID の一覧

OSM Wiki ウィキペディア ウィキペディア日本語版 ウィキメディア・コモンズ External source
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UK traffic sign 956.svg traffic_sign=UK:956
UK traffic sign 616.svg
UK traffic sign 954.svg
UK traffic sign 523.1.svg traffic_sign=UK:523.1[-10]
Belgian road sign F4a.svg traffic_sign=BE:F4a
Zeichen 260.svg
Zusatzzeichen 1020-30.svg
Zeichen 265.svg


JOSM has an icon for the value city_limit and also renders icons for the keys maxspeed=*, maxweight=*, maxheight=* and some more if tagged together with traffic_sign=*. While for maxspeed the actual value is shown, the other keys use a generic icon, which always shows the same value independent from the actual value specified in the respective tag.

The style Lane and Road Attributes currently renders traffic signs for maxspeed and overtaking. For maxspeed the icon shows the actual value specified in the tag.

The following table list some examples together with the actual rendering result in JOSM.

タグ 説明 JOSM でのレンダリング
Speed limit of 50 km/h JOSM Screenshot Maxspeed 50.png
End of speed limit JOSM Screenshot Maxspeed implicit.png
maxspeed=30 mph
Speed zone with 30 mph JOSM Screenshot Maxzone 30mph.png
Overtaking forbidden JOSM Screenshot Overtaking no.png
Overtaking allowed JOSM Screenshot Overtaking yes.png
Overtaking forbidden and a speed limit of 70 km/h JOSM Screenshot Overtaking no Maxspeed 70.png
End of speed limit and overtaking is allowed. JOSM Screenshot Maxspeed implicit Overtaking yes.png

The style Traffic_signs currently renders traffic signs with two-letter codes . Works for the traffic signs of Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, The Nederlands, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

The preset Traffic_signs currently helps to put traffic_signs with two-letter codes. Works for the traffic signs of Belgium, The Nederlands and Spain. Finland in construction.