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Records the source for a speed limit, either a sign, a context (default limit) or a speedlimit zone Edit or translate this description.
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The source:maxspeed=* tag records the source of a road's maximum Speed limit as provided in the maxspeed=* tag to assist with Verifiability and maintenance. This may be a sign giving a numeric maximum speed, or a 'zone' from which the appropriate numeric speed limit can be determined by knowledge of local traffic laws.

How to tag

See also: Speed limits
  • sign (where the speed limit is defined by a numeric sign.)
  • markings (where the speed limit is defined by painted road markings.)
  • <country_code>:<context> (where the speed limit is defined by a particular context, for example urban/rural/motorway/etc., and no maxspeed is signposted)

Do not use <country_code>:<context> where there are signs that are prescribing the same maxspeed as the default.


An urban road in Italy would be tagged:

Where the speed limit is indicated by special speed limits signposted at the zone boundaries they can be tagged as follows:

other (less recommended) variations

  • maxspeed=30 and source:maxspeed=DE:zone - Proposed by a discussion on a mailing list citation needed (used 4k times in May 2014), usage stagnating according to taginfo history (5779 as of 3/2017)
  • maxspeed=30 and source:maxspeed=zone - Proposed in the discussion of this page (analogously to other not country and speed-specific values like sign and markings) (usage stagnating, 1,8k as of 3/2017)

Country-specific exceptions

In some areas, default maxspeeds are not uniform in the whole country, in these cases simply use more refined codes referring to the area.


There are 2 relevant regions (different default rural maxspeed), Flanders and Wallonia, with these iso codes: source:maxspeed=BE-WAL:... and source:maxspeed=BE-VLG:... As the Brussels-Capital region has no rural road, there's also no need for a corresponding tag.

Commonly used values

source:maxspeed value maxspeed value
AT:urban 50
AT:rural 100
AT:trunk 100
AT:motorway 130
BE:urban 50
BE:zone 30
BE:motorway 120
BE:zone30 30
BE-VLG:rural 70
BE-WAL:rural 90
BE:school 30
CZ:motorway 130
CZ:trunk 110
CZ:rural 90
CZ:urban_motorway 80
CZ:urban_trunk 80
CZ:urban 50
DE:rural 100
DE:urban 50
DE:bicycle_road 30
DK:motorway 130
DK:rural 80
DK:urban 50
EE:urban 50
EE:rural 90
ES:urban 50
ES:zone30 30
FR:motorway 130 /110 (raining)
FR:rural 80
FR:urban 50
FR:zone30 30
HU:living_street 20
HU:motorway 130
HU:rural 90
HU:trunk 110
HU:urban 50
IT:rural 90
IT:motorway 130
IT:urban 50
JP:nsl 60
JP:express 100
LT:rural 90
LT:urban 50
NO:rural 80
NO:urban 50
ON:urban 50
ON:rural 80
PT:motorway 120
PT:rural 90
PT:trunk 100
PT:urban 50
RO:motorway 130
RO:rural 90
RO:trunk 100
RO:urban 50
RU:living_street 20
RU:urban 60
RU:rural 90
RU:motorway 110
GB:motorway 70 mph
GB:nsl_dual 70 mph
GB:nsl_single 60 mph
UK:motorway 70 mph
UK:nsl_dual 70 mph
UK:nsl_single 60 mph
UZ:living_street 30
UZ:urban 70
UZ:rural 100
UZ:motorway 110

Note on British Usage

Some mappers use source:maxspeed=* to tag the source of the information as for other tags of the form source:*. In Great Britain, prolonged discussion of this point on talk-gb resulted in agreement to use source:maxspeed for the data source (survey, Open Data, etc) and maxspeed:type=* for the information described on this page. This usage is more consistent with the general pattern of tagging. It also resolved a conflict about how unsigned national speed limits should be tagged.