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Classification scheme for hiking trails which describes trail visibility (not route visibility) and orientation skill required. Edit or translate this description.
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The key trail_visibility=* is used as part of a classification scheme for hiking trails and paths.

This key describes attributes regarding trail visibility (not route visibility) and orientation.

It is based on the classification of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) (german). See sac_scale=* for the attributes regarding difficulty.

How to map

Add the key trail_visibility=* to a way with one of the following primary feature tags:


Tag Trail Requirements Example
trail_visibility=excellent Unambiguous path or markers everywhere None, orientation unproblematic, no map required
trail_visibility=good Path or next marker always visible, but sometimes has to be searched for. Basic sense of direction, map recommended
trail_visibility=intermediate Path mostly visible Good sense of direction, map required
trail_visibility=bad Path sometimes invisible, route partly pathless Basic skills in orientation
trail_visibility=horrible Often pathless Advanced orientational skills
trail_visibility=no Mostly pathless Excellent orientational skills


Based on the guidelines of verifiability some people find this tag lacking of verifiability. As always on OSM, use your best judgement to follow common sense and consensus. Please, have a look at the discussion page at Talk:Proposed features/Hiking. You can use the talk page for suggesting improvement.

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