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Definiuje wyznania konkretnej religii. Edit or translate this description.
Grupa: Religia
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denomination=* - definiuje wyznanie konkretnej religii.

Opis obiektu

Wyznanie powinno być używane razem z amenity=place_of_worship and religion=*.

Niepełna lista nazw wyznań dla celów spójności w tagowania

Buddhist denominations

religion=buddhist + following denominations

denomination=mahayana Mahayana Schools
denomination=gelug Gelug
denomination=jishu 時宗 (Ji-shū)
denomination=jodo_shinshu Jōdo Shinshū
denomination=jodo_shu Jōdo-shū
denomination=nichiren Nichiren Buddhism
denomination=nyingma Nyingma
denomination=obaku Ōbaku
denomination=pure_land Pure Land Buddhism
denomination=rinzai Rinzai school
denomination=risshu Risshū (Buddhism)
denomination=shingon_shu Shingon Buddhism
denomination=soto Sōtō
denomination=tiantai Tiantai
denomination=tibetan Tibetan Buddhism - most common
denomination=vajrayana Vajrayana
denomination=won Won Buddhism
denomination=yogacara East Asian Yogācāra
denomination=yuzu_nembutsu Yuzu Nembutsu
denomination=zen Zen
denomination=theravada Theravada Schools - second most common
denomination=thai_mahanikaya Maha Nikaya

Christian denominations

Denominations are tagged in OpenStreetMap as religion=christian based on the claims of the denomination, in combination with the following denomination tag values:.

Churches and rites in union with the Catholic Church
denomination=catholic Unspecified Catholic denomination. (It is prefered to use denomination=greek_catholic, denomination=roman_catholic, or other rite as appropriate, if known. But in some cases of ecumenical features, "catholic" may be the best fit.) (Roman Catholic Church)
denomination=armenian_catholic Armenian Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=chaldean_catholic Chaldean Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=coptic_catholic Coptic Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=eritrean_catholic Eritrean Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=ethiopian_catholic Ethiopian Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=greek_catholic (Eastern Catholic Church — including many liturgical traditions, each one of the tradition having its own churches.)
denomination=hungarian_greek_catholic Hungarian Greek Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=maronite Maronite Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=polish_catholic Polish Catholic Church
denomination=polish_national_catholic Polish National Catholic Church
denomination=roman_catholic Roman Catholic Church
denomination=romanian_catholic Romanian Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=syriac_catholic Syriac Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=syro-malabar_catholic Syro-Malabar Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=ukrainian_greek_catholic Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
Orthodox denominations
denomination=orthodox Unspecified eastern Orthodox church. One of the more specific values below is preferred:
denomination=armenian_apostolic Armenian Apostolic Church
denomination=bulgarian_orthodox Bulgarian Orthodox Church
denomination=eritrean_orthodox Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church
denomination=ethiopian_orthodox Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
denomination=coptic_orthodox Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
denomination=greek_orthodox Greek Orthodox Church
denomination=macedonian_orthodox Macedonian Orthodox Church
denomination=old_believers Russian Old Believers
denomination=romanian_orthodox Romanian Orthodox Church
denomination=russian_orthodox Russian Orthodox Church
denomination=serbian_orthodox Serbian Orthodox Church
denomination=syriac_orthodox Syriac Orthodox Church
denomination=ukrainian_orthodox Orthodox Church of Ukraine
Larger Protestant denominations (categories)
These protestant denominations are categories which often include several different organisations, which can be tagged with operator=*, though sometimes are tagged as the denomination=* instead (see following table of less common values)
denomination=protestant Unspecified Protestant church. Often a more specific denomination can be tagged:
denomination=adventist Seventh-day Adventist Church (not all Adventist Churches are Seventh-Day Adventist.
denomination=anglican (Churches of the Anglican Communion in general should use this tag, including the Church of England, Church in Wales, Scottish Episcopal Church, Church of Ireland, Episcopal Church in USA)
denomination=baptist Baptists
denomination=churches_of_christ Churches of Christ
denomination=disciples_of_christ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and related denominations
denomination=episcopal (USA based, similar to Anglican)
denomination=evangelical (note to German speakers: this is NOT the same as "evangelisch" in German, please use denomination=protestant for that one)
(evangelical to co innego niż polskie "ewangelicki". Do Kościoła ewangelicko-augsburskiego (Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland) w Polsce pasuje denomination=lutheran)
denomination=evangelical_covenant Evangelical Covenant Church
denomination=exclusive_brethren Exclusive Brethren
denomination=lutheran Lutheranism
denomination=mennonite Mennonite
denomination=methodist Methodist (also see United Methodist below)
denomination=moravian Moravian Church
denomination=mormon Mormon aka Latter Day Saints. See Tag:denomination=mormon for more info
denomination=pentecostal Pentecostalism
denomination=presbyterian Presbyterianism
denomination=quaker Quakers aka "Friends Meeting House")
denomination=reformed Calvinism (Reformed)
denomination=strict_baptist Strict Baptists
denomination=uniting Uniting Church in Australia
Protestant Church Organisations
These protestant church organisations are sometimes called "denominations" in some dialects of English, but usually they are considered to belong to a larger denominational category. Instead of tagging with denomination=* it is possible to uses these values with operator=* and use the larger category in the denomination=* tag.
denomination=african_methodist_episcopal African Methodist Episcopal Church, frequently abbreviated as AME. See also denomination=methodist.
denomination=alliance Christian and Missionary Alliance
denomination=apostolic_faith Apostolic Faith Church (Note that there are other denominations with very similar names.)
denomination=assemblies_of_god Assemblies of God - See also denomination=pentecostal.
denomination=calvinistic_methodist Calvinistic Methodists. It is preferable to tag Welsh Calvinistic Methodist churches as denomination=presbyterian as indeed the alternative name of the church, the Welsh Presbyterian Church, makes clear. The church body is the operator rather than denomination per se. The vast majority of such churches should have both name:en=* and name:cy=*. Note also that despite the name, the theology of the denomination is not very Calvinist (q.v. reformed).
denomination=catholic_apostolic Catholic Apostolic Church
denomination=church_of_god_in_christ Church of God in Christ, frequently abbreviated as COGIC. Imported GNIS nodes may often have the incorrect name of "Church of God and Christ" and should be corrected after verifying with survey or street-level imagery.
denomination=church_of_scotland Church of Scotland - See also denomination=presbyterian.
denomination=churches_of_christ Churches of Christ
denomination=czechoslovak_hussite Czechoslovak Hussite Church
denomination=disciples_of_christ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
denomination=dutch_reformed (including NGK and similar churches in South Africa) - See also denomination=presbyterian.
denomination=evangelical_covenant Evangelical Covenant Church - See also denomination=evangelical.
denomination=evangelical_free_church_of_america Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) - See also denomination=evangelical.
denomination=evangelical_free_church_of_france Union des Églises évangéliques libres (UEEL) - See also denomination=evangelical.
denomination=exclusive_brethren Exclusive Brethren
denomination=foursquare The Foursquare Church - See also denomination=pentecostal.
denomination=free_church_of_scotland Free Church of Scotland (since 1900) - See also denomination=presbyterian.
denomination=living_waters_church Living Waters Church
denomination=mission_covenant_church_of_sweden Mission Covenant Church of Sweden
denomination=moravian Moravian Church
denomination=mormon Mormon aka Latter Day Saints. See Tag:denomination=mormon for more info
denomination=nazarene Church of the Nazarene Church of the Nazarene
denomination=new_frontiers Newfrontiers
denomination=orthodox_presbyterian_church Orthodox Presbyterian Church - See also denomination=presbyterian.
denomination=pkn Protestant Church in the Netherlands, Dutch merger of reformed and lutheran churches - See also denomination=protestant
denomination=remonstrant Remonstrants (Remonstrants)
denomination=salvation_army The Salvation Army
denomination=scottish_episcopal Scottish Episcopal Church - See also denomination=anglican
denomination=seventh_day_adventist Seventh-day Adventist Church - not all Adventist Churches are Seventh-Day Adventist - See also denomination=adventist
denomination=strict_baptist Strict Baptists - See also denomination=baptist
denomination=temple_society_australia Temple Society Australia is a an autonomous community of the Temple Society, (a German Protestant sect with roots in the Pietist movement of the Lutheran Church), formed in 1950. The greater part of its membership is concentrated in the Melbourne, Victoria area with groups also located in Sydney and Adelaide.
denomination=united United Church of Canada
denomination=united_free_church_of_scotland United Free Church of Scotland - See also denomination=presbyterian
denomination=united_reformed See also denomination=reformed
denomination=uniting Uniting Church in Australia
denomination=united_methodist United Methodist Church - See also denomination=methodist
denomination=united_church_of_christ United Church of Christ
denomination=welsh_baptist Baptist_Union_of_Wales. Preferred usage is denomination=baptist, the Baptist Union of Wales is probably the operator=*.
denomination=welsh_independent Independent chapels in Wales will all be non-conformist denomination=protestant churches.
Unclassified christian denominations
denomination=apostolic Several different denominations and organisations use this term. See Apostolic.
denomination=assyrian Assyrian Church of the East
denomination=catholic_mariavite Catholic Mariavite Church (non-ecumenical)
denomination=charismatic Charismatic Movement, often but not always pentecostal
denomination=christian_community The Christian Community originally from Switzerland
denomination=christ_scientist Church of Christ, Scientist
denomination=ecumenical See Ecumenism na Wikipedii
denomination=fsspx Fraternité sacerdotale Saint-Pie-X (complex relationship with the Roman Catholic church)
denomination=iglesia_ni_cristo Iglesia ni Cristo
denomination=jehovahs_witness Jehovah's Witnesses
denomination=kimbanguist Kimbanguism
denomination=la_luz_del_mundo La Luz del Mundo
denomination=liberal_catholic Liberal Catholic Church
denomination=mariavite Old Catholic Mariavite Church of Poland (ecumenical)
denomination=messianic_jewish Messianic Judaism
denomination=new_apostolic New Apostolic Church
denomination=nondenominational Churches which are not part of a larger organisation (often evangelical protestant)
denomination=old_catholic Old Catholic Church
denomination=philippine_independent Philippine Independent Church, also known as Aglipayan Church
denomination=simultaneum Église simultanée
denomination=spiritist Spiritism is a spiritualistic doctrine based on the works of Allan Kardec. Formed in France in the 19th century, but today only has a significant number of adherents in Brazil.

Hindu denominations

religion=hindu + following denominations

denomination=shaktism Shaktism
denomination=hare_krishna International Society for Krishna Consciousness
denomination=vaishnavism Vaishnavism
denomination=shaivism Shaivism
denomination=smartism Smartism

Islamic denominations

religion=muslim + following denominations

denomination=ahmadiyya Ahmadiyya
denomination=alevi Alevism
denomination=bektashi Bektashism
denomination=ibadi Ibadi
denomination=ismaili Isma'ilism
denomination=shia Shia Islam
denomination=sunni Sunni Islam
denomination=sufi Sufism

Jain denominations

religion=jain + following denominations

denomination=digambara Digambara
denomination=svetambara Śvētāmbara

Jewish denominations

religion=jewish + following denominations

denomination=conservative Conservative Judaism
denomination=hasidic Hasidic Judaism
denomination=kabbalistic Kabbalah
denomination=orthodox Orthodox Judaism
denomination=reconstructionist Reconstructionist Judaism
denomination=reform Reform Judaism
denomination=unity Unity Judaism (Judaísmo da Unidade)

Pagan denominations

religion=pagan + following denominations

denomination=asatru Germanic paganism
denomination=celtic Celtic polytheism
denomination=greco-roman Ancient Greek religion and Ancient Roman religion
denomination=slavic Slavic mythology
denomination=wicca Wicca

Zoroastrian denominations

religion=zoroastrian + following denominations

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