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Public-images-osm logo.svg railway
railway 标签是用来标示所有种类的铁路或其他使用铁路的运输方式。 编辑此说明
组: 铁路
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railway 标签是用来标示多种铁路,包括轻轨、干线铁路、地铁、单轨铁路和电车


Main article: Railways

This tag includes all kinds of railways ranging from heavily used mainline railways to an abandoned rail line.

类别(key) 值(value) 元素 说明 图上显示 照片


railway abandoned way 铁路遗迹,路线设备、铁轨已经被拆除。
Vysocany concrete rail ties former Northwestern railway.jpg
railway construction way 在建铁路。 请参照 construction=* 以及 construction=yes 提议中的 Proposed_features/Construction
Rendering-railway construction-125.png
Verlegen FF Rheda.jpg
railway disused way 废弃铁路,路基、铁轨还没有被拆除。参见 disused=yes
Rendering-railway disused-125.png
Disused railtrack 101 5351.jpg
railway funicular way 缆索铁路(参见 Wikipedia 上的缆索铁路)。
Rendering-railway light rail funicular narrow gauge-125.png
Vilnius funicular.jpg
railway light_rail way 较高标准的电车系统,通常靠右行驶(轻轨)。
Rendering-railway light rail funicular narrow gauge-125.png
Pittsburgh LRT 4305 47L Gateway to Library April 2008.jpg
railway miniature way Miniature railways are narrower than narrow gauge and carry passengers, frequently at an exact scale of "standard-sized" rail (for example "1/4 scale"). They can often be found in parks.
Rendering-railway miniature.png
Dampfbahnfreunde sommerhofen 09180016.jpg
railway monorail way 单轨铁路,注意不应与单线铁路混淆。
Rendering-railway monorail.png
Monorail in Kuala Lumpur
railway narrow_gauge way 窄轨客运或货运列车。
Rendering-railway light rail funicular narrow gauge-125.png
Narrow gauge.jpg
railway preserved way 保留的铁路,通常是一个旅游景点。
Rendering-railway preserved.png
Railway preserved.jpg
railway rail way 在该国标准轨距上的全尺寸旅客或货物列车
Rendering-railway rail.png
LGV Est PK217.jpg
railway subway way 地铁(参见 维基百科上的叙述)
Rendering-railway subway.png
Madrid - Estación Marqués de Vadillo - 20060910.jpg
railway tram way 路面电车。(其他语言)。
Rendering-railway tram.png
Praha, Hloubětín, Lehovec, tram KT8D5.JPG


bridge yes way 桥梁
Railway bridge mapnick render.jpg
Railway bridge.jpg
cutting yes way 路堑,明显低于地面的铁路。
Railways cutting.jpg
electrified contact_line
way contact_line:架空电力线(图)
Caténaire 1,5 kV 01.jpg
embankment yes way 路堤,明显高于地面的铁路。
Railway embankment.jpg
embedded_rails yes/<type of railway> way Specifies that a highway on which non-railway traffic is also allowed has railway tracks embedded in it but the rails are mapped as separate ways.
Ruusulankatu tram rails (at lat 60.18206, lon 24.92450) heading NW.jpg
frequency number [Hz] way 接触网供电频率。0表示使用直流电。参见电压标记。
Wave frequency.gif
railway:track_ref number way Track number
Gleis 101.jpg
service crossover way Relatively short lengths of track which switch traffic from one parallel line to another
service siding way 侧线,长度较短的轨道,并行(及连接)于主线。
Rendering-railway rail service.png
service spur way 专用线,长度较短,连接企业、厂矿。
Rendering-railway rail service.png
service yard way 站线,车场内的线路。
Rendering-railway rail service.png
Service yard.png
tunnel yes way 隧道。应始终于地铁上使用(但也不一定)。
Haywards Heath tunnel.jpg
tracks number way Number of parallel tracks in close proximity when mapped as one single way representing all tracks. If not given means unknown and defaults to 1. In many parts of the world the tracks are being drawn out separately so that there is more detail, in which case this tag isn't used.
Spoorlijn 51 R01.jpg
usage main
way 铁路主要用途(主线/支线/工业/军事/旅游)
voltage number way 接触网供电电压。参见频率标记。
Symbole voltmetre.png


railway halt node 小站、乘降所,可能没有站台,火车只在遥招时停。
Rendering-railway-tram stop-mapnik.png.png
Railway halt.jpg
public_transport stop_position node The position on the railway track where the train (its centre) stops at a platform. This is useful for routing on long platforms where also short trains stop and on long platforms where multiple trains stop behind each other. See also public_transport=stop_area.
Průmyslová str3, Prague Štěrboholy.jpg
public_transport platform node way area 月台。 可以用人行道来连接月台,这样可以帮助路径规划。
Relax ... take it easy (7757527444).jpg
railway platform way area This is parallel to the rail line for showing where the actual platforms are. It is also to know where you can change platform and enter the station, so use footpaths to connect them. This is really useful for routing too. Use in addition to public_transport=platform.
Relax ... take it easy (7757527444).jpg
public_transport station node area Railway passenger-only station.
Paddington Station.jpg
railway station node area 火车站 (其他语言)。
Rendering-railway-tram stop-mapnik.png.png
Paddington Station.jpg
railway subway_entrance node 地铁站出入口
railway tram_stop node 电车站
Rendering-railway-tram stop-mapnik.png.png


railway buffer_stop node 止冲器。在线路终点停住火车,参见止冲档
Stootblok (staal).jpg
railway derail node A device used to prevent fouling of a rail track by unauthorized movements of trains or unattended rolling stock. See Derail (railroad).
US derail detail.JPG
railway crossing node 仅供仅供行人通过的道口。
Level crossing2.svg
railway level_crossing node 平交道口
Level crossing2.svg
Level crossing - Chertsey - England - 270404.jpg
railway tram_level_crossing node A point where trams and roads cross.
RU road sign 1.5.svg
railway signal node Any kind of railway signal.
Zwischensignal FFM-Hoechst Schnee.jpg
railway switch node Full connections between railways (aka 'points').
Railway switch.JPG
railway railway_crossing node Crossing rails with no interconnection.
Railroad crossing at grade also known as a diamond.jpg
landuse railway area 铁路用地。 Landuse-industrial.png
Illustration of Rail.jpg
railway turntable node area 机车转盘,主要供蒸汽机车改变行驶方向使用。 node: —

area: Rendering-area-railway turntable-mapnik.png

Turntable of Railroad 001.jpg
railway roundhouse area 扇形机车库
Roundhouse Park August 2017 01.jpg
railway traverser node area These are used for changing trains between railways. Also known as transfer table.
Schiebebuehne 01.jpg
railway wash node area A railroad carriage/car wash
AKN Waschanlage - panoramio.jpg
railway water_crane node A structure to deliver water to steam locomotives
Wasserkran Bf Stützerbach.JPG
railway ventilation_shaft node way A structure that allows ventilation in underground tunnels
Moscow, Dmitriya Donskogo Boulevard, subway ventilation ducts (21984596650).jpg
railway user defined node way

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