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Miniature railways narrower than narrow gauge that carry passengers. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Miniature railways are narrower than narrow gauge and carry passengers. They can often be found in parks.

For tracks of a roller coaster roller_coaster=track is used instead.


Miniature railways can have a wide range of track gauges[1].

Miniature railways usually carry passengers, which ride on top of the carriages or in the case of larger than 7.25" (184mm) they may ride inside the carriages.

Miniature railways are found in parks, public/private gardens and can be tourist attractions in their own right.

Miniature railways are distinct from model railways which have a track width less than 2.5" (64mm) and don't carry passengers. For clubs where  model railway enthusiasts gather on a regular basis, see club=model_railway.


  1. For example Wikipedia at Ridable miniature railway has "between 5 in (127 mm) and 18 in (457 mm), though both larger and smaller gauges are used"