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Public-images-osm logo.svg railway = tram_level_crossing
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A crossing between a tramway and a road. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Railways
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A tram level crossing (where a road crosses a tramway on the same level - i.e. without a bridge). Sometimes has warning lights and barriers or gates [1]. Most of crossings do not have barriers, but in many countries marked with specific road sign.

In some countries traffic codes have specific rules for motor vehicles crossing tramways, different from railways. For example, in Russian Federation prohibited to have a u-turn and overtake other cars on railway crossings (while you may do it on tram crossings). However, tram almost always has advantage over other vehicles on tram crossings, so it would be useful to mark such places (e.g. for warnings in navigation systems).

The more common tag railway=level_crossing is used for level crossings, sometimes including tram crossings.


Use this tag on a node node. The node should be the one common to both the highway and the tramway.

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