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A number of residential units (flats) in a buidling Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Addresses
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A building:flats=* key contains a number of residential units (flats, apartments) in an apartment building (building=apartments), residential building (building=residential), house (building=house), detached house (building=detached) or similar buidling. Note that this is a quantity (e.g. 4) rather than the individual numbers of the apartments (e.g. 101;103;105, for which the tag addr:flats is used instead).

The tag could be used to guess approximate height of the building based on average flat size and building area.

The tag is being used in Czech Republic as a result of importing buildings from Czech RUIAN register and in some parts of Ukraine (as of April 2014).

See Also

  • addr:flats=* : to specify the individual flat numbers (or ranges of flat numbers) in a building
  • building:levels=* : the number of floors (including the ground floor) in the building
  • building:units=* : an alternative, not recommended, tag for the number of residential units, primarily used by one specific import from LA, USA
  • RUIAN - government register which is the source of this data in the Czech Republic