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A number of residential units (flats) in a building Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Buildings
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building=* or building:part=*

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Status: de facto

A building:flats=* key contains a number of residential units (flats, apartments) in an apartment building (building=apartments), residential building (building=residential), house (building=house), detached house (building=detached) or similar building. Note that this is a quantity (e.g. 4) rather than the individual numbers of the apartments (e.g. 101;103;105, for which the tag addr:flats=* is used instead).

Often this can be surveyed without entering the premises by counting the number of letter boxes for numbered flats.

See also

  • addr:flats=* : to specify the individual flat numbers (or ranges of flat numbers) in a building.
  • building:levels=* : the number of floors (including the ground floor) in the building.
  • building:units=* : an alternative, not recommended, tag for the number of residential units, primarily used by one specific import from LA, USA.
  • RUIAN - government register which is the source of this data in the Czech Republic.