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The number of "units" in a building. See building:flats instead Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Buildings
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Status: imported

This tag describes the number of residential units (flats, apartments) in a building.

It is very similar to building:flats=* which Key:Building recommends the use of in line with the terminology of addr:flats=* and the general preference towards British English for tags and wiki.

As of 2016, the vast majority (>99.8%) of uses of this tag came from the Los Angeles County, California, building import in which it was specifically defined as the number of living units. An apartment building with 5 apartments would have building:units=5.

See also

  • building:flats=* : the number of residential units (flats, apartments) in the building
  • building:levels=* : the number of floors (including the ground floor) in the building
  • rooms=* : number of rooms in a non-residential building