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The number of above ground levels in a building (if there's only the ground level, this is 1), not including the levels in the roof (use roof:levels to state the number of roof levels). Edit or translate this description.
Group: Buildings
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The building:levels tag is used for marking the number of above-ground levels of a building (building=*) or part of a building (building:part=*). The underground levels and the roof do not count as levels here. However, levels that are part-way underground do count (see example below). For the purposes of this tag, "ground level" is defined to be the lowest entrance to a building.

It can be useful to also add height=*, especially if the height per level is different for each building part. Keep in mind that height=* includes the roof, while building:levels does not.



Buildings with parts that don't start at ground level

If a building part does not start at the ground level, building:levels=* should include the number of skipped levels below the building part (i.e the number of levels that would exist if the space between the ground and the bottom of the building part were filled with levels of the typical height for this building). The key building:min_level=* should be used to describe the number of skipped levels in this building part.

schematic example of level and height tagging

See Simple 3D Buildings for more information.

Possible tagging errors

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